Oct. 6 Johnny Cueto workout day interview

Oct. 6 Johnny Cueto workout day interview

Q. When you were in Boston earlier this year, you had a long conversation with Luis Tiant before one of the games, what did the two of you talk about, particularly in terms of pitching?
JOHNNY CUETO: Just a normal conversation about pitching, our techniques are similar, just how he used to pitch, how I pitch, and that he actually likes how I actually pitched this year.

Q. What sets Bochy apart from other managers you played for and why is he so successful?
JOHNNY CUETO: All the managers are different. They all have a different style. They all have different players, different teams. Actually I can't compare what my manager in Kansas City or Cincinnati did, they're all different.

Q. What did you learn about Ben Zobrist last year and how dangerous is he as far as a hitter when you have to face him tomorrow?
JOHNNY CUETO: Nothing specifically, just another game, I just have to execute my pitches, just go with my game plan and pitch to him just like I'm going to pitch to the rest of the team.

Q. What is the key to pitching to a lineup like the Cubs that is so patient from top to bottom?
JOHNNY CUETO: I know they have a young team, a very good team, I just have to pitch to them like I would normally do to any team. I have to face them tomorrow, I have to face each batter.

Q. How would you execute tomorrow and how do you like pitching in Wrigley Field, compared to when you pitched for Cincinnati?
JOHNNY CUETO: Well, the only thing I can say is that I like to pitch when it's a sold out crowd with everybody cheering for me or against me and that kind of motivates me.

Q. To follow-up on that, do you feel like you have an advantage, like there's a higher comfort level because you pitched so often at Wrigley Field?
JOHNNY CUETO: No, no, I wouldn't say that I feel comfortable, I would just say that I just have to go out there and execute my pitches and just make sure that I pitch to every Cub batter the way that I'm going to do it tomorrow.

Q. When you were here last month you said I hope to God I get the chance to pitch against the Cubs in the post-season. Why did you feel that way and what do you think about having that chance now?
JOHNNY CUETO: No, no, nothing special, I just said it because they have a very young and talented team and I just feel that in a series like this, the best team should win.

Q. Jon Lester was up here talking about keeping everything the same as usual. Does he have a process, like any superstitions that he has to do before the game, anything specific that he has to do in order to get ready?
JOHNNY CUETO: Just do my routine that I do every day.

Q. Following up on that, when you were here last in early September you also said in not so many words we'll know what our team is made of. How different is this team now than it was in early September when you guys lost three out of four here?
JOHNNY CUETO: Well, I don't want to continue that, I just felt that when you get to this stage, you have to actually show up and you have to win the games. It really doesn't matter what happened in the past, this is a new series.

Q. Both these rotations are very deep, what does it say about the Giants' rotation that you're able to go Game 1 and Bumgarner won't go until Game 3 after the game he pitched last night?
JOHNNY CUETO: Well, I mean, I want to say you're right, both teams have rotations, but at the end of the day whoever executes better, whoever plays better, is the winner.

Q. You really had to push it in your last start after missing some time with the groin injury. How did you respond after that start and how much throwing have you done since then and just how do you feel in general?
JOHNNY CUETO: No, no, first of all, I want to thank God. I'm healthy, I'm a hundred percent, I kind of thought that it was going to bother me in my last start, but it didn't. So everything is good now.