Marlins will only make up game if playoff spot is at stake

Marlins will only make up game if playoff spot is at stake

The Marlins' game against the Braves from Sunday, which was cancelled due to the tragic death of Jose Fernandez, could still be made up if it would give Miami a chance at making the playoffs.

Marlins team president David Samson has informed that the game will be made up if -- and only if -- it is relevant to the National League playoff picture. Miami has not been eliminated from playoff contention, so a makeup game is still possible. The game would be made up on Monday in Miami.

Wild Card standings

For that to happen, the Marlins would first need to win out through Sunday, getting to 82-79. The Giants would need to lose all their remaining games, finishing at 83-79, and the Cardinals could win no more than one of their remaining games to end the regular season no better than 83-79. If all those conditions were met, Miami's 162nd game would be relevant to deciding the final NL Wild Card spot, and it would be played.

If the Marlins lose any of their four remaining scheduled games, the Giants win any of their five games or the Cards win more than one of their five games, Miami would be eliminated, in which case last Sunday's game would not be made up.

Entering play Wednesday, the Marlins were 78-79, the Giants 83-74 and the Cardinals 82-75.

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