Pitching questions to Corey and Kyle Seager

Baseball's newest bash brothers feed off one another's passion

Pitching questions to Corey and Kyle Seager

Big Leaguers Corey Seager and Kyle Seager both hail from North Carolina and play for clubs on the West Coast, but they tear up opposing pitchers along both shores -- and everywhere in between. Kyle, 28, is a six-year Mariners veteran, and enjoyed his family's undivided attention until Corey, now 22, debuted for the Dodgers last September. Since then, the brothers have put on a synchronized slugfest, boasting identical marks in OPS+ (139) and OBP (.360) around the All-Star break before closing out the season with at least 25 homers apiece, becoming the first MLB brothers ever to do so in the same season. The pair -- whose middle brother, Justin, plays in the Minor Leagues -- spoke with MLB about their baseball background.

What's your first recollection of playing sports together?
Corey: I don't know how old I was, but ever since I can remember, I was trying to get in somehow -- with anything, not just sports. I wanted to hang out with my older brother; "Man, I want to be like you" kind of stuff.
Kyle: [Corey] always tagged along. He was unbelievably athletic at a young age. He was always a pretty good size. We would play basketball growing up and we played football together. It was usually him matching up with our other brother, Justin, and us kind of guarding each other.

Did you get along growing up?
Kyle: We always got along well. I think if you ask Justin, Corey and I would gang up on him more than anything.
Corey: I'm sure I was the annoying kid brother. Justin and I were really competitive with each other. We were so close in age, and we were basically the same size. We really battled in any sport we could. Kyle was a little older and just beat us in anything.

Who was the troublemaker in the family?
Corey: Kyle was definitely the instigator. He would be really good at manipulating Justin and me into fighting. He gets that one.
Kyle: I get accused of that often. Personally, I'm going to go with Justin.

How often do you communicate during the season? Do you talk about baseball, or stick to other topics?
Kyle: We talk regularly -- if not every day, then every couple of days. We talk about everything: pitchers, my son, all sorts of stuff. The three of us have a group message and we're in constant communication.
Corey: We all talk pretty much every night. It can be about baseball or really anything that's going on. Kyle and I talk a little more about my nephew, his son. Justin and I talk a little more baseball. But I do ask Kyle about starting pitchers.

Mariners versus Dodgers: What does your mom do?
Kyle: Hopefully she's not rooting against either of us. Hopefully [she's] not too torn.
Corey: Oh, that's a good question. She's going to hate me for saying this, but Kyle was kind of her favorite growing up. So she might be wearing a Mariners jersey.

You both played basketball in high school. Who was better, and who wins at H-O-R-S-E?
Kyle: I would win at H-O-R-S-E; he would win in a pickup game. He's a lot taller than me. I was a better shooter, and he would have been a better all-around player.
Corey: He wins in a game of H-O-R-S-E, I win one-on-one. He was a better shooter, but I'm just bigger.

Do you ever get mistaken for one other?
Kyle: I'll get [called] "Corey" from time to time by people looking for autographs -- and then they're usually sad to find out that it's just me. I have to apologize a lot.
Corey: I used to get mistaken for him a lot more. Lately, you'll get a random guy that just does it by accident and will correct himself. You just go with the flow. I'm kind of used to it at this point. It doesn't hurt your feelings; you're just really happy for what your brother's done.

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