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Inbox: Could Trea win NL Rookie of the Year Award?

Beat reporter Bill Ladson answers questions from fans

Inbox: Could Trea win NL Rookie of the Year Award?

Is Trea Turner eligible for the National League Rookie of the Year Award? If he is, he should be the winner.
-- Pat B., Virginia Beach, Va.

Turner is eligible for NL Rookie of the Year Award, but I don't think he will win. I think Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager is the front-runner.

Unlike Turner, Seager has played a full season and has put up some great numbers, hitting .315 with 25 home runs, 69 RBIs and 101 runs scored entering Friday's action.

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You said you thought Dusty Baker sticks with slumping players too long, but you didn't list Bryce Harper on that list.
-- Gary B., Plainview, Texas

Harper is a different story. This is a guy who can carry a team in a moment's notice.

During the month of April, for example, Harper was arguably the best player in the game. Since then, he hasn't been the same, but at least he has a high on-base percentage. Harper already has over 100 walks for the season, and his other offensive numbers (24 homers, 21 steals, .813 OPS) are still respectable.

Do you think the 2016 Nationals team is stronger than the '14 Nationals was?
-- Nathan, M., Washington

I have to give an edge to the 2014 club, because there are quite a few question marks regarding the current team. For example, who will be the go-to lefties in the bullpen in the playoffs? Will Stephen Strasburg pitch in the postseason? Ryan Zimmerman is having a difficult season. Can he do better in October? Gio Gonzalez is not having a good season. Will he be the third man in the rotation?

Regarding the 2014 team, I thought they were going to the World Series. In my opinion, that was their best team. Their starting pitching was phenomenal. When healthy, I thought their offense was one of the best, led by Denard Span and Anthony Rendon.

Being a longtime Expos fan and seeing that you covered them, how would you compare Vladimir Guerrero to Harper?
-- Tony M., Calgary, Alberta

I love Harper, but there is no comparison to Vladdy, who was the best player I ever covered. He could do it all offensively and defensively. I loved his baserunning skills.

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I have a smile on my face when I think of Vladdy. In my opinion, he is a Hall of Famer. I'm going to give Bryce a few more years before I start comparing him to the greats of the game.

With the emergence of Turner in center field, do you think the Nats will bring back both Ben Revere and Michael Taylor next season?
-- Bill M., Fredericksburg, Va.

That is a good question. Revere is arbitration-eligible. It would not surprise me if he was non-tendered after the season.

Yes, Revere is having a disappointing year, but he is still dealing with oblique issues. When healthy, he will come back and play better.

I think Taylor needs a full season in the Minor Leagues. He is still having problems with the breaking ball, and he strikes out too much.

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