Stakes higher, price lower: MLB.TV is $9.99

Watch all the action as teams compete for postseason spots

Stakes higher, price lower: MLB.TV is $9.99

It's time for the final three weeks of the regular season, and here are 21 reasons to watch the big finish on MLB.TV -- one for each day:

1. It's now less than 10 bucks, or cheaper than watching "Sully" at a lot of theaters around the country. MLB Advanced Media announced on Monday that the yearly subscription is just $9.99 for MLB.TV Premium and $7.99 for MLB.TV Single Team.

2. Live out-of-market streams for 293 remaining regular-season games, which is still a lot of baseball.

3. Of those 293, the 15 that will all be played at the same time on Oct. 2, the final Sunday.

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4. "Airports, my hotel room, of course -- I use MLB.TV all the time," Hall of Famer and Orioles broadcaster Jim Palmer said. "That At Bat app on my iPad and iPhone are irreplaceable. As a broadcaster, I think I do a pretty good job, but I couldn't do anywhere near as good a job if I didn't have MLB.TV."

5. A potentially historic American League East finish as four clubs were separated by four games entering this week, plus thrilling Wild Card races in both leagues.

6. The four-game Yankees-Red Sox series starting Thursday at Fenway Park, where Bucky Dent hit one out nearly four decades ago and where The Great Comeback started for Boston in 2004. Who knew this was going to be such a big deal again at this point?

7. "Everybody uses MLB.TV right now," said Blue Jays reliever Joaquin Benoit, the last remaining active Major Leaguer who was in uniform for the landmark first MLB live stream between the Rangers and Yankees on Aug. 26, 2002. "It's the thing to do right now."

8. All those clinchers. Ten of them are coming up soon.

9. The first of those clinch celebration scenes might happen in St. Louis, with the arch-rival Cubs doing the celebrating on Busch Stadium turf. This is not a drill. The teams start a three-game series there on Monday.

10. You might see something no one has seen since 1908. The Cubs have dominated the Majors in 2016 and everyone is curious what would happen if they win it all.

11. "MLB.TV is worth every penny of the investment for the devoted fans," said Cubs fan Erick Schlosser, a chef in Portland, Ore., who has subscribed for the last eight years. "Whether listening to radio broadcasts or live streaming of any game, plus all the highlights, historical games, and other features provided by the Premium subscription, I'll never miss a moment."

12. The latest chapter in a tradition-rich Dodgers-Giants rivalry, with a National League West clincher in the balance. Will San Francisco continue its trend of World Series titles in every even-numbered calendar year, or will it even get a chance?

13. "Major League Baseball is the gold standard" for sports technology, said Jackie Bregman, mother of red-hot Astros rookie Alex Bregman. "It's an obsession for the whole family. It's not just us, it's his aunts, uncles, and we even got his 86-year-old grandfather an iPad so he could watch the games on the At Bat app. We couldn't live without it, because it is so important to us."

14. MLB.TV Premium has the best value and provides access to more than 400 devices and a free subscription to the At Bat Premium app (a $19.99 value). It offers the best picture quality ever -- a new 60 frames per second -- for supported devices. Authenticated subscribers can stream the FOX telecast of the 112th World Series.

15. It is all about scoreboard watching for millions of fans right now, and MLB.TV Premium subscribers get the Mosaic View -- split screen or quad, available on PC or Mac only. MLB.TV Premium and MLB.TV Single Team subscribers both enjoy HD and get real-time highlights and player stats automatically loaded moments after they occur (only for the game you are watching with MLB.TV Single Team, and for all games with MLB.TV Premium).

16. "It's redefined the way to follow a game," said Hall of Famer John Smoltz, an analyst for MLB Network and FOX Sports. "I couldn't do this at all if I wasn't able to watch video. I watch the [At Bat] app to get ready for my games just because it's the only way I can catch up."

17. Gary Sanchez. Seeing is believing.

18. David Ortiz's last game, sometime this fall. "I know I will watch Big Papi's last game ... and MLB.TV is perfect for this for anyone, including outside North America," said Red Sox fan Zoren Radisavljevic of Slovenia. "It is really a great option for live MLB action, and you can switch from game to game as you please, which is awesome."

19. Cleveland ... city of champions? What is happening by Lake Erie? First, LeBron and the Cavs. Could the Indians win it all for the first time since 1948?

20. Mike Trout. These are probably his final three weeks of baseball in 2016, so watch MLB.TV and just appreciate the game's best player. It could be his second 30-30 season, and he's posted his highest OPS this season with so many highlights in the books and yet to come.

21. It is everything you expect from the No. 1 sports streaming service.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of Read and join other baseball fans on his community blog. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.