Cain's hand injury to be re-evaluated in a week

Outfielder meets with Yost to get on same page regarding possible return

Cain's hand injury to be re-evaluated in a week

CHICAGO -- Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain met with manager Ned Yost on Sunday morning prior to the 2-0 win over the White Sox, and the two now appear to be on the same page regarding his possible return from injury.

Cain had indicated on Saturday that it was highly likely he was going to shut down his season because of a badly sprained left hand that has inhibited him for weeks. Cain returned to action Friday night after being out since Aug. 30, but then sat out Saturday's game because he could not grip the bat properly.

Yost, though, said Saturday that he hoped Cain could return this season.

After Sunday's meeting, both Cain and Yost said the plan going forward would be to shut Cain down for a week, and then re-evaluate.

"He's frustrated. He wants to play," Yost said. "He's tired of his hand hurting. We'll see where we're at [in a week]."

Cain had a stem-cell injection into the hand 10 days ago in the hopes that scar tissue would form on the injured ligaments and thus promote healing.

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Cain seemed to be in better spirits Sunday.

"We're going to do everything we can to strengthen it," Cain said. "I did some exercises last night as well. Obviously, I'm swinging pretty much with one hand out there. It's tough. But we'll wait a week and just kind of evaluate from there."

Cain also said his comments Saturday about shutting down his season were the result of frustration.

"Obviously, I want to be on the field," Cain said. "I want to be in that jungle with the guys. I want to be grinding it out with them until the end of the season. So it's frustrating to not be out there on the field with them."

Cain also is confident the offseason will be more than enough time for the injury to heal. The Royals are calling it a Grade 2 sprain.

"I'll be ready to go [next spring]," he said. "It'll definitely heal. It'll just take a little time. I definitely wouldn't want any restrictions heading into my offseason, especially my training. I want to be able to start training, full go."

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