#PlayersChoiceCuts: Outerstuff makes little fans big fans

With classes back in session, young fans can rock their favorite baseball players with Outerstuff apparel and strut their school hallways in style -- from preschool to high school.

Founded in 1983, Outerstuff manufactures and markets sports youth apparel. From infant to youth sizes, there is something for every young fan.

Some may choose to don the traditional "name and number" tees, while others can express themselves in a more contemporary way with an "Omoji" tee.

No matter which player and style your young one wants to tout, Outerstuff makes it happen. With a range of sizes and products that suits every child's taste, the smallest fans can be the biggest ones. Boys' sizes range through size 20, and girls through size 16, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Outerstuff -- like its motto says -- truly lets young fans "bring out your inner athlete." As players inspire young fans across the globe, Outerstuff allows this worldwide fan base to connect with these players in a comfy, stylish way.

Take the Jason Kipnis tee, for example. Your kids will be walking down the hallway like the All-Star on their shirt!

Outerstuff is staying ahead of the game with their latest fall fashions. Don't miss out! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, where they are currently running a back-to-school giveaway.