#PlayersChoiceCuts: Out of the Park 17 gives fans the reigns to the game

Many of us think we can do a better job running our favorite baseball teams than the person actually charged with that difficult task. As a result, MLBPA licensee Out of the Park Developments is giving fans an opportunity to test their skills at overseeing a franchise with its latest PC-based game.

Out of the Park 17 brings the game to life right on your computer screen with advanced 3D animation featuring FaceGen images of your favorite players.

From Carlos Carrasco's perfectly trimmed facial hair to David Ross' veteran beard (well, greying), OOTP 17 captures the smallest details to make the biggest difference for a complete and life-like user experience.

Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and New York, Out of the Park Developments has rolled out new options year after year to provide baseball fans with innovative ways to interact with their favorite players.

Setting the scouting budget, negotiating trades, offering contract extensions and signing free agents -- it's all at your fingertips.

With OOTP 17, fans can create their own leagues or even a historical league based on seasons as far back as 1871 through the most recently completed season.

Why replay history when you can rewrite it? The all-new Historical Exhibition option lets fans pit any two teams throughout history against each other in a single game or a series. You can even replay any historic World Series matchup with accurate rosters.

Would Babe Ruth and the 1927 New York Yankees stand a chance against Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom?  

OOTP 17 offers fans a way to find out.