Springer's parents honored at Little League World Series

Springer's parents honored at Little League World Series

HOUSTON -- George Springer's parents, George Jr. and Laura, were honored Sunday as Little League Parents of the Year at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa.

"They obviously are the primary reason why I'm here and how I got to where I got," Springer said. "Parents often take the backseat to the athlete or the kid, and it's great to see them get some recognition for all their hard work and sacrifices throughout the year."

Springer's parents both volunteer for the New Britain (Conn.) Little League throughout the year, which is why they're being honored. The elder Springer played in the Little League World Series in 1976, but he didn't have quite the same success with his playing career as his son.

"I tell [my dad] all the time, 'Hey man, I got you,' and he gets mad," the Astros outfielder joked. "But no, it's fun. It's a very competitive household, my mom and dad, and it was always fun. The older I got, I was able to get stronger and bigger, but he always says no matter how fast I am, no matter how strong, he'll still beat me."

Springer, who himself played Little League, recalled a special moment when he hit his first home run during a game.

"I was going toward first, and I could see my mom and dad both staring at the ball, sprinting down the line to see if it would go over the fence, and it did," Springer said. "[They] both jumped higher than I've ever seen them jump, and that just showed me who they are."

Springer said his parents still get as excited for their son's home runs as they did back then, although he usually can't see them in the stands now. He said that it was incredibly special for other people to see how great his parents are, something he's always known.

"It means a lot to me," Springer said. "I'm sure it does to my two sisters, who I believe are there now. It's great, and I'm happy for them. They deserve it."

Jordan Ray is a reporter for MLB.com based in Houston. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.