Fans can now walk in Andrus' virtual 'shoes'

Fans can now walk in Andrus' virtual 'shoes'

ARLINGTON -- Rangers fans will now have the chance to experience what shortstop Elvis Andrus sees when he walks to the plate at Globe Life Park, as the team opened its 360-degree Virtual Reality Exhibit on Friday.

The exhibit takes fans from the clubhouse through the dugout and up to the batter's box through the eyes of Andrus.

"It was amazing, man. I think the idea of being able to pretty much be me or any other baseball player with the 360-[degree] camera is unbelievable," said Andrus, who got to try the exhibit himself. "To be able to put yourself in that situation, it's going to be crazy, especially if you're a little kid.

"I wish when I was a little kid I was able to experience that. You can actually put on my shoes and walk out of the clubhouse through the dugout and to the batter's box to hit. I think it's going to be really cool for the kids."

Lowe's partnered with the Rangers to help open the exhibit.

"We're very proud of that," said Daryl DeVaull, a department manager at Lowe's in Fort Worth. "It gives the fans a personal virtual-reality look from the dugout all the way to the plate. Lowe's is really proud to do this for the fanbase."

Andrus was a prime candidate to have his walkup routine filmed for the experience. Music plays a big role in his game, including his walkup song, "Shaky Shaky" by Daddy Yankee.

"I love music. It's what motivates me, it makes me move every single day," Andrus said. "Baseball and music go along together, it's a part of my life. It gives you a passion for the game."

Before fans got to try what Andrus called "a game-changing experience," some locals and media members got to see what the exhibit had to offer.

Dallas-Fort Worth resident Jared Fletcher was one of the first.

"To get technology to where it's actually putting you in a scenario like that is awesome," Fletcher said. "To be able to see certain things that aren't actually in front of you, but you feel like [they] are, can be just a great experience."

Ryan Posner is a reporter for based in Texas. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.