Vogelsong forgives Lyles after HBP

Vogelsong forgives Lyles after HBP

In an interview with MLB Network Radio on Thursday, Pirates pitcher Ryan Vogelsong said he forgives the Rockies' Jordan Lyles, who hit him in the face with a pitch while Vogelsong was batting on May 23, causing him to miss more than two months of the season with facial fractures that required surgery.

"I forgive him because I know he wasn't trying to hit me in the face," Vogelsong said in the radio interview. "But that doesn't change the fact that I'm still upset with how he handled it."

Vogelsong, who returned to the mound on Aug. 4 and has pitched back-to-back quality starts since, said Thursday that Lyles didn't call him to apologize until about two weeks ago, when the 25-year-old left Vogelsong a voicemail.

"I haven't called him back yet, just because I'm not ready to yet," the 39-year-old Vogelsong said. "That might be stubborn on my part, but I feel like, hey, it took him two months to call me to check on me after a pitch he threw could have ended my career -- or worse, blinded me for life. It took him two months to call me, so I'll get back to him when I'm ready to do that."

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