'Very fortunate' Farrell recalls lymphoma diagnosis

'Very fortunate' Farrell recalls lymphoma diagnosis

BOSTON -- Wednesday marked one year since Red Sox manager John Farrell broke the news that he had been diagnosed with Stage 1 lymphoma. Since then, Farrell has thought every day about that afternoon and the treatment that followed.

"Life throws you a different set of experiences and challenges along the way," Farrell said before Wednesday's game against the Yankees. "It was hell going through, but I've learned a lot about myself and the things life deals people. You find that you put faith in a lot of people to get you through some tough moments."

Farrell strode into the Red Sox's interview room that day with Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz, visibly in a state of disbelief. A few days later, Farrell would start his chemotherapy treatment, accompanied by friend and former Red Sox manager Terry Francona.

Farrell on lymphoma diagnosis

Getting checkups often, Farrell said he will get results of a recent test on Thursday and learn if he is still cancer-free.

"I'm very fortunate and hold gratitude toward daily life right now," said Farrell.

Does Farrell's experience with the disease make him a better manager?

"I think a lot of people would argue with that one," Farrell quipped.

The manager did say that the past year has given him a different perspective on life and the game.

"A player's time frame is very short," Farrell said. "There is a sense of urgency and a window closing. What is one day missed? That sometimes can be overshadowed and throw the equation out of line a little bit. If you can throw some perspective in there and have guys take a step back by sharing an experience, you help them along the way."

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