#PlayersChoiceCuts: FanPrint helps fans wear emotions on their sleeve

For female sports fans, finding ways to support their favorite players can be tricky. Often only a small portion of the team store is dedicated to women's items. That's where FanPrint is making an effort to change the game.

Originally a Dallas-based e-commerce startup, FanPrint's demographic is dominated by female fans. So women can finally say goodbye to the days of expressing their fandom with extra-large T-shirts and male-focused designs. FanPrint has something for everyone.

FanPrint creates unique apparel to help fans wear their fandom on their sleeve -- literally. From "This Girl Loves Posey" to "Future Mrs. Rizzo," female fans can support their favorite players without relying on a typical baseball cap and jersey.

But the FanPrint MLBPA collection is not limited to female fans, either. The Andrew McCutchen 22 displays Cutch's outfield prowess in a hooded sweatshirt, women's tee and long sleeve T-shirt.

Brandon Crawford's "We Run the Bay" design proves that no matter who you are or where you're from, all fans can find a way to support their favorite players.

While most apparel companies have spring and fall collections, FanPrint has player collections.

With close to 100 players to choose from, it's hard not to find what you're looking for. Need a gift for mom or dad? From "This Mom Loves Big Papi" to "There Will Never Be Another David Ortiz," you can send your parents to a game in style.

Each player collection captures the players' unique personalities and styles, allowing fans to choose how they show their support.

From tank tops to sweatshirts, FanPrint creates apparel that appeals to the most passionate fans or just casual followers of the game. Choose your favorite players' collection, and start browsing for the best way to state your fandom.