Seager's two game-tying hits pave way for walk-off

Seager's two game-tying hits pave way for walk-off

SEATTLE -- The Mariners were down by a run in the 15th when Kyle Seager stepped up to the plate.

It was late. Almost midnight. Only the most loyal fans still dotted the stands. With two on and one out, Seager fouled off the first pitch, a fastball. Then he got another, and this time he didn't miss.

Seager hit a line drive into left field to score Nelson Cruz and tie the game. It was the second time Seager had knotted the score. The Mariners went on to beat the Tigers, 6-5, in 15 innings on Mike Zunino's walk-off sac fly.

"That was crazy," Seager said. "That was frustrating in the beginning, and then it got real long, and we ended up good."

Seager's game-tying homer

 Seager's first game-tying hit was a three-run homer in the eighth inning. The Mariners had trailed Detroit up until that point, and his hit made it 4-4.

"Huge," manager Scott Servais said. "The three-run homer [came] while we really didn't have much going at all."

But even after the homer in the eighth and the RBI single in the 15th, Seager's second and third at-bats of the night nagged at him.

In the bottom of the fourth with one out and Cruz standing on third, Seager hit a fly ball to center that was too shallow for Cruz to tag. Then in the sixth, with the bases loaded and one out, Seager struck out on a foul tip.

"If we executed a little bit better, if I executed a little bit better, then we wouldn't have had to go as long as we did," he said. "It worked out in the end. That was an unbelievably good win for us."

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