Checking the Signs

Checking the Signs

Happy Birthday, Taurus! You're steadfast and patient souls, capable of tremendous devotion and endurance. The ability to follow through is one of your greatest assets. Though you work persistently, you also have a strong sensual, comfort-loving side. In fact, you may have a tendency to overindulge in food and other earthly pleasures. You love the beauty of the natural world and have a strong desire for security, stability and peace, rarely making changes unless forced to.

Barry Zito exemplifies the work ethic and dedication Taurus is famous for. Never missing a start, Zito's the poster child for durability and determination. Choosing to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area, mellow Barry prefers the Bay to big city lights. Born May 13, 1978, in Las Vegas, Nev., he's now the Giants' $126 million "crafty lefty." An American League Cy Young Award winner with the A's in 2002 and three-time All Star, he's considered one of the top pitchers in baseball today.

Deeply into Zen and yoga, his unique personality has made him a fan favorite. A breath of fresh air, Zito proclaims, "I refuse to be molded into some stereotypical ballplayer that has no interests, really, no life, no depth, no intelligence." After a slow start, Zito has appeared to find his groove. It will be interesting to chart his path during the auspicious Saturn Return, an astrological cycle of new beginnings occurring at age 29.

Another Taurus is David Wells, born May 20, 1963, in Torrance, Calif. The beefy left-handed San Diego Padres pitcher has been known to enjoy the good life Taurus exemplifies. Nicknamed "Boomer" for his physique (6-foot-3, 250 pounds), he's one of only 17 pitchers who have pitched a perfect game in the past 130 years of Major League Baseball. Wells' longevity is notable as well.

Aries: Once Mars, planet of energy, moves into your sign on the 15th, there's no holding back. What you can accomplish during this time is remarkable. You've got all the motivation you need to move ahead with an important personal project that will influence present and future success.

Exciting Aries Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle recently pitched an awesome no-hitter.

Taurus: Your spiritual and physical energy is at the highest during the first three weeks of May, with the Sun still in your sign. Your work life peaks after the New Moon in Taurus on May 16. Stay the course and expect good things to come your way. If you began a new health regimen, be encouraged to recommit.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett is a determined Taurus.

Gemini: Ever versatile Gemini, it's possible for you to fit in a quick vacation this month. Things are going good, and after the 8th, you may be handsomely rewarded with a bonus or money from an unexpected source. You're sending out positive vibes to the universe and have the Midas touch.

Toronto Blue Jays slugger Frank Thomas is a communicative Gemini.

Cancer: Lovely Venus enters Cancer on the 8th, giving you the opportunity to spruce up your image. Treat yourself to a new wardrobe or hairstyle. Mars in Aries after the 15th indicates a project or job suddenly opening up -- the prospect of snagging it looks promising. An aura of self-confidence causes others to trust you.

Kansas City Royals infielder Mark Grudzielanek is an instinctive Cancer.

Leo: Expect to be pushed to the max at work this month. You're in the spotlight for success, so now's the time to launch new endeavors. A magnificent flow of energy inspires your thoughts and actions. An important career goal is in reach, as your reputation precedes you.

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is one dramatic Leo.

Virgo: This month is given over to thoughts, plans, and strategies related to career goals. It's likely that your home life will have to take a back seat to your career at this time. It's important to let your family members in on this. Be sure to schedule some rest and relaxation, as Virgo can morph into a workaholic.

Returning to the San Francisco Giants is helpful Virgo utility infielder Rich Aurillia.

Libra: Both your personal life and career aspirations are high on the agenda this month. Venus, your ruler, moves into Cancer on the 8th, smoothing out any wrinkles that may have existed in a work relationship. There may be some ego issues with you and your partner once Mars moves into Aries on the 15th.

Seattle Mariners infielder Ben Broussard is a cooperative Libra.

Scorpio: There may be some stress around the Full Moon on May 2. The balance between yourself and others is precarious and control issues may rear their head. You're no people person at this time and relationships can be a bit frosty. However, you're the soul of discipline, especially if it involves leading and inspiring others.

Minnesota Twins left-handed pitcher Johan Santana is an intense Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Rev up your fitness program with the Sun in Taurus through the 21st. You're sure to have an active lifestyle that includes sports, but it's also important to have a regular workout regimen to boost your metabolism and endurance level. Gift yourself with gym membership or home workout equipment that'll keep you honest about fitness goals.

Orlando Hudson, Gold Glove second baseman of the Arizona Diamondbacks, is an optimistic Sagittarius.

Capricorn: This is a favorable time of year for Capricorn with the Sun in Taurus through the 20th. Romance is on your mind, along with career. Look for praise and a possible financial reward for your efforts and expertise. You'll have the satisfaction of high productivity, as well as knowing your creative ideas are appreciated.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Theodore Roosevelt (Ted) Lilly is a systematic Capricorn.

Aquarius: Put your focus on domestic matters with the Sun is Taurus through the 21st -- weed the garden, poke around the garage, clean out closets. They don't call it spring cleaning for nothing! Venus' presence in your health sector suggests you'll eat healthier and have more vitality.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays pitcher Scott Kazmir is a unique Aquarius.

Pisces: Life imitates art as Mars remains in your sign until the 15th, then takes up residence in your house of earnings and income. The energy of this transit motivates you to take on extra work in order to meet additional financial needs. If you're feeling adrift in career ambitions, perhaps it's time to cast your net for something new.

New Washington Nationals outfielder Ryan Langerhans is a perceptive Pisces.

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