National Baseball Card Day bridges together Players and fans

A group of three sat around piles of baseball cards at the Topps booth during the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City.

Based on the raucous laughter and spirited outbursts booming from the table, you might have expected a group of rowdy young teenagers.

Instead, it was a grandfather-father-grandson trio, ripping open packs of cards and delighting over what they found. While the players on the cards each coveted shined in different eras, it demonstrated that baseball cards still help bridge generations.

Grandfathers, mothers, sons and granddaughters flooded the Atlantic City Convention Center in a family reunion of sorts, when the 37th annual National Sports Collectors Convention opened its doors for a VIP sneak peek. The older generation of attendees shared stories of historic moments with their younger counterparts, while the younger attendees explained how Topps Bunt worked. (It's baseball cards gone digital, by the way.)

At "The National," collectors of all ages became wide-eyed as they poured over each card, proving that baseball cards are still providing a great way for fans to connect with their favorite players -- and each other.

The recently announced National Baseball Card Day, scheduled for Saturday Aug. 13, will celebrate just that.

In hobby shops across the nation, fans can celebrate the family tradition of collecting baseball cards with current stars on a great selection of innovative new products.

A special six-card pack -- featuring a shiny, silver National Baseball Card Day logo -- will be given out for free at the participating hobby shops. From Corey Seager's rookie card to David Ortiz's final season, players from all positions, teams and years will be featured.

While the players are appearing on the cards, many of them collected themselves as kids and many are still collectors. Some players will also be helping celebrate National Baseball Card Day by handing out free packs to fans in various stadiums on Friday Aug. 12.

Baseball cards are so much more than just a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 rectangle on crisp stock; they are stories, memories and moments. They are what bridge together generations, making veteran collectors giddy and rookie collectors curious for more. 

On Aug. 13, National Baseball Card Day will commemorate the players and the fans, connecting young and old to a timeless hobby.