#PlayersChoiceCuts: Highland Mint helps players shine

Highland Mint, an MLBPA licensee since 2001, makes products that help Major League players shine -- literally.

With a full line of bronze, silver and gold medallions, Highland Mint transforms moments etched in fans' minds to ones that are etched on a coin -- from David Ortiz's final season to Max Scherzer's 20-strikeout game.

Do you feel like Giancarlo Stanton's home runs are so memorable you'd frame one if you could? Good news. You can. Stanton's record-setting Home Run Derby performance is commemorated with a framed collector's piece featuring triple matting and a glass front panel over individually numbered photos and two bronze coins.

Just like Stanton, Highland Mint knocked this one out of the park.

The expansion of its product line from medallions to Mint-Coins and Photo-Mints is a testament to the way Highland Mint's offerings have evolved to meet and exceed fans' desires to commemorate players' best moments with detail and value-filled collectibles.

Can't get enough of Noah Syndergaard's golden locks? A limited-edition, 15x7 custom photo accompanied by a minted commemorative coin is one way to pay homage to Thor's lightning-like fastball.

Highland Mint's 40,000-square-foot building in Melbourne, Florida, provides a spacious production facility for the layout, design, sculpting and die-making of each piece in precious and non-precious metals. Packaging and fulfillment are handled there, too.

With all of Highland Mints collectibles made proudly in the United States, there's no better way to commemorate the players of America's national pastime.

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