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Fantasy411 chat: Closer questions abound

Fantasy411 chat: Closer questions abound fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@prjones829: After the Andrew Miller trade, what should I do with Cody Allen?

Zinkie: Sit tight for now. Allen could remain the closer. You'll have your answer in a few days.

@lorenzoNal: Is Aaron Altherr worth picking up in a 12-team league?

Zinkie: Definitely. I would give Altherr some consideration in 10-team formats. He has a nice blend of power and speed.

@cmagee523: Among these injured players, which ones do you feel best about for the final two months of the season: Yoenis Cespedes, Lorenzo Cain, J.D. Martinez, Michael Brantley and Matt Carpenter?

Zinkie: Carpenter and Cain. Among the others, Brantley worries the most.

@mosjeffinitely: Please rank Odubel Herrera, David Dahl and Hernan Perez.

Zinkie: Herrera, Perez, Dahl. I would rank Dahl first if the Rockies trade away a veteran outfielder.

Dahl's two-run moonshot

@steve_demita: Would you rather pick up Tony Watson or Kelvin Herrera?

Zinkie: I'd rather pick up Watson. Herrera could have the closer's role for an extended period of time, but Watson almost certainly will have the role for the rest of the season.

@DN1CE23: Do you expect Andrew Benintendi or Yoan Moncada to make a bigger impact this year and next year?

Zinkie: I will take Benintendi for both years. But by 2018, I would much rather have Moncada.

@NJFan76: Please rank these closers for rest-of-season value: Dellin Betances, Roberto Osuna, Alex Colome, Watson and Herrera.

Zinkie: Betances, Osuna, Watson, Colome, Herrera.

Betances strikes out the side

@bowty1996: Should I trade away Chris Sale due to the possibility that he gets traded?

Zinkie: You should keep Sale. Being traded is unlikely to give him less fantasy value.

@VAcciardo26: Should I keep Trevor Story or Corey Seager for next season?

Zinkie: You should keep Story. I know that most people would choose Seager. Story will provide more homers and more steals. He also hits in a better lineup.

‏@GzzPato7: Is Alex Bregman finally going to break out this week?

Zinkie: Bregman is very talented. Give him more time.

@mmledz: What are your thoughts on Jurickson Profar for this year and next year?

Zinkie: I'm optimistic. Profar should be owned in all leagues. He's a good keeper asset.

Profar's solo homer

@khendler6: Should I drop Jeff Samardzija for Jake Odorizzi or Trevor Bauer?

Zinkie: Yes, I'd drop Samardzija for either. I'll go with Bauer.

@carlospudge: What are your thoughts on Jose Berrios this time around?

Zinkie: I haven't given up on Berrios. I would pick him up in any 12-team league and some 10-team leagues.

@chadkiefer: Is Sonny Gray droppable? He's really not pitching well at all.

Zinkie: Yes. If you see a pitcher you want from the waiver wire, you can drop Gray.

@DTBMpls: Does Huston Street survive the week as a closer?

Zinkie: My guess is that Street doesn't survive too much longer, whether it is this week or not. Add Cam Bedrosian.

@jtristanl: Would you rather own Watson or Seung Hwan Oh?

Zinkie: Watson and Oh are very similar in overall value. I'll take Oh.

Oh shuts the door

@TerminiMike: Please pick one: Max Kepler, Tyler Naquin or Dahl.

Zinkie: I'll take Kepler for the rest of the season. I would take Dahl if he had a more secure role.

@LouieRanks: Should I drop Allen and pick up Miller?

Zinkie: You need to pick up Miller, but don't drop Allen yet. Wait a few days and then decide.

@NJFan76: Is it time to grab Yulieski Gurriel if I have an open bench spot? Or is playing time an issue once he reaches The Show?

Zinkie: Playing time could be an issue. That being said, I would grab Gurriel if I had the necessary bench space.

@Matt2628: Please rank Matt Kemp, Adam Duvall, Stephen Piscotty and Cain.

Zinkie: Cain, Piscotty, Duvall, Kemp.

@perez_raudy: Please rank Anthony Rendon, Trea Turner, Neil Walker and Addison Russell.

Zinkie: Rendon, Turner, Russell, Walker.

Rendon's two-run homer

@Mitch11Lang: Should I accept an offer of Bryce Harper for Sale?

Zinkie: Take the deal right away.

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