Play new Beat the Streak game, win tickets

Contest represents tip of cap to Williams, who hit .406 in 1941

Play new Beat the Streak game, win tickets

In Beat the Streak,'s flagship mobile game, one can win $5.6 million in less than a month.

The rules are simple, even if the challenge is not: Correctly pick a batter or two each day to tally a hit in a game. Then do it again and again, and don't stop until 57 straight successful selections are made. To do so would be to "top" Joe DiMaggio's MLB-record 56-game hitting streak, one of baseball's most hallowed marks.

But in nearly 16 years of BTS play, nary a fan has stepped up to win it all. Predicting 57 men to do something, anything -- let alone hit a baseball, one of the toughest tasks on Earth -- is mighty hard.

With this in mind, we welcome you to a second challenge within the Beat the Streak walls -- the ".406 contest," where 0-fer nights are OK.

Play's ".406 contest"

While Beat the Streak is a tip of the cap to DiMaggio's remarkable run from 1941, the .406 contest is a doff to Ted Williams' incredible average that very season.

If your BTS picks "hit" .406 or better from now through season's end (with a minimum of 250 plate appearances), you'll be eligible to win four tickets to six regular-season games in 2017. That's right, "four to six" for "four-oh-six."

Of course, Beat the Streak is loaded with prizes beyond free tickets. If no one makes 57 consecutive correct picks this year, then a $10,000 consolation will be awarded to the end-of-year leader. Beyond that, millions of prizes are up for grabs for streaks as small as five.

Zachary Finkelstein is's fantasy editor. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.