Archer makes special RBI visit in Oakland

Archer makes special RBI visit in Oakland

OAKLAND -- Chris Archer continued his work away from the field on Friday morning with another of his RBI visits.

This time he spoke to a group of about 50 youngsters from the Richmond YMCA Junior Giants in Oakland, along with other children who are involved with RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) in nearby Contra Costa County.

"A good group of kids," Archer said. "They were a little on the younger end. Still, I feel like I had a pretty nice impact."

The Rays right-hander smiled when asked about the best question he fielded.

"How many home runs have I hit," Archer said. "It just shows they don't know the details. But they're there to listen. If you're asking a question, that's showing confidence and courage. So I'm happy answering zero and probably always will be zero.

"... All they knew was a baseball player was taking his time to come speak to them. It's kind of like in class, people are shy and don't want to stand up and ask a question and sound silly. But with these kids, they didn't care and I really liked that."

Over the past two seasons, Archer has visited with players from a number of RBI leagues throughout the Major Leagues, including Harlem, Cleveland and Toronto this season.

Archer allowed that he was satisfied with his visit before adding, "But it's not about me."

"It's not about how much satisfaction I get," Archer said. "It's about the potential impact that I could have on somebody."

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