#MLBPlayers411: Addison Russell keeps calm and carries on

Cubs shortstop Addison Russell calls himself a "quiet, laid-back guy," but his ability on the field speaks volumes.

Just 22 and in only his second season, Russell took the field as an All-Star for the first time last week at Petco Park in San Diego. He was accompanied by three of his teammates -- Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist -- to complete an all-Cubs starting infield.  

As a Pace, Florida, native, Russell is used to standing the heat. He enjoys fresh water fishing right from the bank. He isn't afraid of alligators (so he says, anyway). He doesn't mind playing baseball in the cold -- as long as the wind doesn't blow. Russell is often at ease, and his style of play emphasizes his calm, cool and collected personality.

Russell, the oldest of four children in his family, grew up playing pool, throwing darts and bowling at the local bowling alley when he wasn't on the ball field or doing schoolwork.

He always wanted to be a professional baseball player, but he has dreams beyond the field. If Russell was not playing baseball, he would go to school to "do something behind the camera."

He enjoys both videography and computers. "All that stuff fascinates me," he said, "just the technology of today."

While his interests go beyond the diamond, the one constant in everything he undertakes is the cool, laid-back way he goes about it.


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  • Russell is a "horror fanatic" -- American Horror Story is his favorite TV show and he "thinks the Insidious movies are brilliant."
  • His guilty pleasure is a double fudge cake with ice cream on the side.
  • Barry Larkin is his childhood idol.
  • Russell would liked to have met Bruce Lee.
  • He can be found on Twitter @Addison_Russell.