Top GIFs of day powered by Giancarlo

Top GIFs of day powered by Giancarlo

Here are the top GIFs from the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, courtesy of @MLBGifs.

1. Cool him off

Just because you don't have a Gatorade cooler around, doesn't mean you can't give the Home Run Derby champ a Gatorade shower. Giancarlo Stanton got a team effort after a record run to the title on Monday night.

Giancarlo Stanton Gatorade Shower HR Derby

2. Team photo 

When you call a timeout in the middle of one of the greatest Home Run Derby performances ever, you've gotta get a quick pic with the teammates, as Stanton did with some fellow Marlins.

See Gif

3. Giancarlo slow-mo 

This is Home Run Derby poetry in motion. Behold, the mighty swing of Stanton at Petco Park.

Giancarlo Stanton slo mo HR Derby

4. Jose gets emoj-ional 

 Because there weren't adequate words to describe Stanton's awesome power display during the Home Run Derby, teammate Jose Fernandez decided to break out an emoji.

Giancarlo Stanton Jose Fernandez Emoji Board

5. Crews cut 

Actor Terry Crews has a signature move, and during the Celebrity Softball Game, he made sure to show it off.

Terry Crews flexing up before at bat

6. Family time

There can't be anything better than watching baseballs fly into orbit during the Home Run Derby with your kids, and Cubs right-hander Jake Arrieta got to do just that.

Jake Arrieta and Kids react to homer HR Derby

7. Home security

Omar Miller cares not for the rules about blocking the plate -- at least not during the Celebrity Softball Game, which ended with him standing over the runner trying to score.

Omar Miller ends the game

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