Stanton after winning 2016 Home Run Derby

Stanton after winning 2016 Home Run Derby

THE MODERATOR: The champion of the T-Mobile Home Run Derby is Giancarlo Stanton. 203 home runs were hit tonight, 61 by Giancarlo. Congratulations. We will get you a microphone if you have a question.

Q. Obviously you like hitting in this ballpark and hitting in California. How motivated were you to put on a good show?
GIANCARLO STANTON: For sure being on the west coast and taking the flight out here just for this, you know. I figure it's a waste if I don't bring this bad boy home.

Q. No-brainer?
GIANCARLO STANTON: No-brainer. I don't think I took more than five balls, so he is just as important to this as I was.

Q. Giancarlo, what percentage of your normal swing are you using during this? Are you swinging at, like, 60%, 70%, what are you using?
GIANCARLO STANTON: I think it just depends. When I got a few in a row, I think I was kind of bumping up 5, 10% each when I get 'em. But I would say I stuck at about 80, 90%.

Q. Just having your teammates here are you in kind of that round 1, took a breather, I think you guys took a selfie. How much fun did you have in the final round when you were waving to the crowd on that interaction?
GIANCARLO STANTON: That's great. That's what it's about. Having them and on the flight over they were like this is what we're going to do, this and that. So we had a plan going and I'm glad it worked out.

Q. Giancarlo, you hit 24 home runs in the first round, 17 in the second round. Were you a little bit worried about being tired going the finals?
GIANCARLO STANTON: I knew I could do it endurancewise, it's just if my bat, my swing was going to fall apart a little bit. I knew I could do it if I was in there, luckily my bat path stayed where it needed to.

Q. What do you think is the longest home run you've ever hit, and did you hut one longer than that tonight?
GIANCARLO STANTON: I don't think I hit one longer than that tonight. The longest feetwise or where was it?

Q. What ball do you think you've hit the best in your career?
GIANCARLO STANTON: In a game or practice?

Q. Game.
GIANCARLO STANTON: I don't know. I would have to go over a few, I don't have it off the top of my head right now, sorry.

Q. What are the odds that we see you parachute into this event every year and dominate this thing?
GIANCARLO STANTON: Just depends, depends how the year is going, depends where it is, depends on a lot of things. Next year it's at home, so I mean, pretty good chance.

Q. Giancarlo, two years ago you had just six over in Minnesota. How much did the format change help you tonight?
GIANCARLO STANTON: I'm more rapid fire in my work, in regular BP, so I like this format. That's how I'm built. The outs and kind of winding down on you, while the 4 minutes you're kind of building up to that, so I like it.

Q. First of all, with Frazier having won last year what was going through your mind watching him in the final round and building steam. And secondly, you contributed alone $130,000 of the $582,000 to the Boys & Girls Club. What did that mean to you also?
GIANCARLO STANTON: With him, I had to wait until the clock was 0 because he had that comeback last year, and he knows that format more than any of us participants, already, so that I was just waiting for it to wind down.

To contribute that to the Boys & Girls Club is huge. I'm involved with them, and I love going to visit and helping out in any way I can. Hitting some home runs can help too. That's good.

Q. You embraced this event so much. Are you surprised of the game's biggest players don't do it as well? Are the fans getting cheated here not seeing the biggest names?
GIANCARLO STANTON: I don't know, just depends. I grew up watching this. That's where you built it up, childhood memories of now I will have kids saying the same thing. They watched me do this. I like to return the favor. Can't speak for anyone else.

Q. Aside from your teammates, we saw them cheering you on. What were the players on the other teams saying to you when you were out there hitting?
GIANCARLO STANTON: Just unbelievable, keep going, it's fun to watch. I'm glad a lot of them stuck around just to see it. It was cool. Everyone was into it.

Q. You've seen him hit a lot of home runs all over the place, you've thrown in BP. How did he look tonight and were there any that you thought were farther than normal?
PAT SHINE: To be honest with you, I didn't look back and see where they were landing. He was focusing on the next pitch. But I've thrown to him now for a couple of years. I have been around him for three years, so I am just really happy for him. He's one of the most intense competitors that anybody has ever been around, so I knew he wanted to win it.

Q. You hit 61 home runs in under 14 minutes, Roger Maris hit 61 in 1961 in 161 games. Did you ever watch video of Roger Maris and look at his swing, ever?
GIANCARLO STANTON: Yeah, I have. There were some documentaries that I watched and seen the progress of that. I didn't get 62, so we're tied.

Q. Your hitting coach has 47 career home runs in the Home Run Derby. You now have a lot more than him! Any bragging rights on you back in Miami?
GIANCARLO STANTON: Yeah, I'll definitely take this back and chirp a little bit at him. We'll see.

THE MODERATOR: Great job, Pat. Congratulations, Giancarlo. Thanks, guys.