Top GIFs: Arenado's quick hands lead to DP

Top GIFs: Arenado's quick hands lead to DP

Here are the Top 7 GIFs from Monday's games, courtesy of @MLBgifs:

1. Interception by Arenado!

Nolan Arenado takes over to get the out.

Arenado steals ball 

2. Nothing like some dessert at a ballgame

Baseball is better with cold refreshments, just ask this young fan.

Kid eating ice cream

3. Say cheese!

This Mets fan was fortunate enough to take a selfie with Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson selfie

4. That's what I call patriotic

It's not Independence Day unless you celebrate with the stars and stripes.

Erik Kratz USA chest protector

5. A family outing

The Jonas brothers celebrated Independence Day with an afternoon at Fenway Park.

Jonas Brothers attend game

6. Give me your tired, your poor

It's not a Fourth of July celebration without an appearance from the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty with Flag

7. Apollo Creed would be proud

Yasiel Puig was in the holiday spirit with his stars and stripes spikes.

Yasiel Puig cleats

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