#PlayersChoiceCuts: BreakingT redefines timely fashion

BreakingT delivers fans breaking news they can wear. Yes, wearable news.

The Washington, D.C. company has broken away from the "spring" and "fall" collections that drive the apparel industry to produce T-shirts that depict iconic baseball moments within hours of when they happen.

If a historic baseball moment involving a player occurs, there will be a T-shirt from BreakingT to commemorate the occasion. The company's 24/7,365-day-a-year launch schedule helps fans connect instantly.

BreakingT, a MLBPA licensee since 2015, is a data-driven brand that recognizes on-field and social media excitement to put fans in trending T-shirts.

Remember Jose Bautista's bat flip in the 2015 playoffs? (Who doesn't, really?) BreakingT was the first to help fans wear the moment with a Bautista bat flip t-shirt that caught attention on social media and news outlets.

Want to endorse Bryce Harper's "Make Baseball Fun Again" campaign? BreakingT has a T-shirt for that, too.

From "Bumgarner Rakes" to Big Papi's Ring Necklace to "I Survived a Salvy Splash," fans can support their favorite players' personalities and successes, all in near real-time.

BreakingT is "documenting history, one shirt at a time," so don't miss a moment by following BreakingT on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.