Padres' Gonzalez rooting for big brother

Padres' Gonzalez rooting for big brother

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Much like any other siblings, the daily conversations Adrian Gonzalez has with his older brother, Edgar, typically turn to family at one point or another.

But, inevitably, the topic always comes back to hitting, something the Gonzalez brothers spend plenty of time discussing, even though Adrian is in Arizona with the Padres while Edgar is in Florida, reassigned to Minor League camp Sunday after trying to make the Cardinals' Opening Day roster as a utility infielder.

"Most of what we talk about is hitting," Adrian Gonzalez said. "What he did that day or what I did that day. We talk a lot about hitting."

While Adrian Gonzalez certainly established himself last season with a .304 performance that included 24 home runs and 82 RBIs with the Padres, Edgar Gonzalez is fighting to eventually earn a spot on the Cardinals' roster.

Edgar Gonzalez stayed in the mix for a spot on the roster with the Cardinals with an impressive performance this spring with, not surprisingly considering his lineage, his bat.

The 28-year-old second baseman had a .348 batting average with three home runs this spring for the Cardinals.

That shouldn't surprise anyone. The Gonzalez brothers know a thing or two about hitting.

"I played with my brother Adrian in Mazatlan, and I've hit better than him sometimes," Edgar Gonzalez said. "We played in Mexico and I hit .330 and he hit .310, and I faced the same pitchers he did. Last year, he hit .305 in the big leagues. So I see him and I know if he can do it, I can do it, too."

Gonzalez is ticketed to be the second baseman for Triple-A Memphis. But he lasted in camp until late in the spring, and he showed enough that he will be considered if an opening arises during the season.

"I'm very excited for him," said Adrian Gonzalez, 24. "He's finally getting a chance to be looked at. I'm glad he's been able to do it in camp where everyone can see. He did it in winter ball in Mexico, they downplayed it. He did it in the Caribbean World Series, they downplayed it. He did it in Triple-A, they downplayed it.

"I'm excited for the fact that he's showing what he's capable of doing and that, hopefully, he'll get a chance during the year."

If Edgar Gonzalez does get that chance, you can bet Adrian will be the first person he calls.

"We talk hitting, family, we talk everything," Edgar Gonzalez said of his daily talks with Adrian. "He's rooting for me. He tells me if I get a shot, I'll be able to do it. I've just got to get a shot. I get more excited for him, and he gets more excited for me."

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