#PlayersChoiceCuts: Majestic Athletic dresses players, fans alike

Playing "good" is one thing; looking good is another. With the help of MLBPA licensee Majestic Athletic, players and fans are doing both.

Majestic is the official on-the-field provider of jerseys for the players. Carrying all the on-field apparel in their online shop, fans have the opportunity to not only cheer for their favorite players, but dress like them, too.

The Easton, Pennsylvania-based company carries authentic Flex Base jerseys worn on-field by the players. The Flex Base jerseys are engineered with lightweight twill technology and mesh panel ventilation zones. It's no wonder why Billy Hamilton runs so fast!

During the 2015 playoffs, players' Majestic T's, hoodies, and other official apparel had "Take October" and "The Pennant Will Rise" printed across the chest while they embarked on their quest to win the World Series. Fans, too, were able to rock the playoff fashion, simultaneously matching and cheering on their favorite players.

Thanks to Majestic Athletic, fans can wear all of the on-field fashions the players do. Apparel like Father's Day uniforms (hint, hint!!), postseason hoodies, Cool Base jerseys and T's. If you see Majestic on the field, you'll find it in their shop. Majestic can be found online, in team shops and at retailers across the country.

Since 1998, Majestic has been making fans look like they belong in the dugout.