Moose looking to be ready for Spring Training

Royals third baseman misses playing, but is feeling good after ACL surgery

Moose looking to be ready for Spring Training

KANSAS CITY -- Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas was back in the clubhouse on Monday, chatting with his teammates, making his way around with a heavy knee brace that offers protection after his recent ACL surgery in Florida.

Moustakas then spoke to reporters on Tuesday prior to the game against the Indians, and assured everyone he would be back and ready for Spring Training.

"The only goal I have is to be ready for next Spring Training," Moustakas said.

The surgery was performed by Dr. James Andrews, and Moustakas explained the procedure.

"He just repaired my ACL," Moustakas said. "He took my patellar tendon out and put it where my old ACL was at. That's pretty much it. Drove a couple screws in my bones and did that."

So Moustakas is bionic now?

"No, it's all me in there still," Moustakas said. "But it feels good. Starting to move around pretty good now. Gotta keep up with the rehab and get ready for next Spring Training."

As Moustakas rehabs, he finds it hard to watch his teammates and not be a part of each game.

"When I'm off the field, I'm pretty low-key and kind of calm," Moustakas said. "I try to chill out as much as possible. ... [But] when I'm at home, just watching these boys play, I still get fired up. I still get a little jacked up seeing what they're doing. It's not fun to sit there and watch, and not be able to be out there with them, but I know what my job is right now. It's to get better for next year and to keep cheering those boys on."

Moustakas was hurt on a play in Chicago against the White Sox on May 22 when he collided with left fielder Alex Gordon, who sustained a fractured bone near his wrist. Gordon may be back in 2-3 weeks.

Moustakas said the two have since chatted about the play.

"A little bit," Moustakas said. "Again, Alex plays harder than anybody else on this team. So for him to go after that ball and for me to go after that ball, that's just something we always do. And in the beginning, I thought Gordo was hurt pretty bad. And he ended up breaking his wrist. And it stinks that he's out as well. That's just something that happens."

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