Kauffman Foundation gives $1 million to UYA

Kauffman Foundation gives $1 million to UYA

KANSAS CITY -- On Monday, the Kauffman Foundation announced a $1 million grant to the Kansas City Royals Urban Youth Baseball Academy.

The announcement was made in front of around 100 people, including several high school and college graduates in the Kauffman Scholars Class of 2016.

"You are all embarking on your own legacies now," said Julia Kauffman, daughter of former Royals owner Ewing Kauffman and trustee of the foundation. "The Kauffman Foundation will continue to work on strengthening our community to provide young people with the tools that they need to reach their full potential."

According to a press release, the grant will be used to "support the construction of the buildings" needed to run the program. Specifically, the money will be directed toward providing opportunities for youth to learn to play baseball and softball.

It is expected to serve between 800 and 1,000 youths each year.

"The academy will serve youth most in need and help develop, not only their skills on the playing fields, but life skills also," Kauffman said.

The donation comes 100 days before the 100th birthday of the late Ewing Kauffman, who established the foundation in the late 1960s.

Julia Kauffman shared stories and memories of her father. She shared a light-hearted story that centered on how he'd act leading up to his birthday and how he'd remind others that it was coming up months in advance.

She ended her speech with another anecdote, this time a lesson she learned from her father about the importance of doing things for others, even if there isn't an immediate reward.

"Always give back more than you receive," Julia Kauffman said. "I gave when I was young, and I worked hard at it. And it's come back to me ten-fold, just like Mr. Kauffman said.

"Except I think it's come back twenty-fold when I look out there at all of you."

Scott Chasen is a reporter for MLB.com based in Kansas City. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.