Top GIFs: Giants fan goes all out for home run ball

Top GIFs: Giants fan goes all out for home run ball

Here are the top GIFs from Wednesday's games, courtesy of @MLBGifs.

1. Man overboard!

This dedicated Giants fan goes above and beyond to retrieve his souvenir home run ball.

fan swimming after home run ball

2. That one was belted

Brandon Belt's fourth-inning home run ends with a splash, landing in McCovey Cove and ending a nearly 21-month drought of Giants Splash Hits at AT&T Park. 

Brandon Belt records splash hit

3. He's got a rocket for an arm

Ian Desmond unleashes a rocket to home plate. His toss traveled 251.6 feet at 95.9 mph, per Statcast™

Ian Desmond throws out Castro 

4. Two heads aren't better than one

The Rockies' strategy of having two players cover first doesn't pan out as neither manages to record the out. 

Rockies flub at 1st base 

5. Welcome to the show

Jameson Tallion, the Pirates' No. 4 prospect, slows it down with a nasty curve. 

Jameson Taillon swing strike on curveball

6. No, not you. The other guy

Adam Liberatore may have been a little too eager to take the mound, running out from the bullpen one batter too soon. 

Dodgers bullpen pitcher comes out too early 

7. That's some serious concentration

A fan flashes some impressive reflexes, snagging a foul ball while clutching a baby safely in his other arm. 

Fan catches ball with baby in hand

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