Ellsbury's steal of home leads way in top GIFs

Ellsbury's steal of home leads way in top GIFs

Here are the top GIFs from Saturday's games, courtesy of @MLBGifs.

1. Crime wave:

Jacoby Ellsbury saw Melvin Upton Jr. join him in the Stealing Home Base Club on Friday night, so he upped the ante with his second swipe on Saturday. Your move, Melvin.

Jacoby Ellsbury takes home

2. Sweet move from Lindor:

Francisco Lindor can't hog the Indians' entire defensive highlight reel this season, so he decided to enlist Jose Ramirez in some of the fun.

Francisco Lindor diving stop

3. Astro-nomical ending:

After 12 innings of baseball in Houston, Carlos Correa decided enough was enough and ended it with a walkoff single.

Carlos Correa walkoff

4. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:

First Willie Mays, now Jim Edmonds. Juan Lagares will be here doing impressions all week.

Juan Lagares diving catch

5. Crime wave, Part II:

Not only will Billy Hamilton steal your bases, he'll steal your homers, too.

Billy Hamilton's leaping catch

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