Aybar OK after chicken bone stuck in throat

Braves SS rejoins team at PNC Park following sedated procedure at nearby medical facility

Aybar OK after chicken bone stuck in throat

PITTSBURGH -- When Brian Snitker prepared to serve as a big league manager for the first time on Tuesday, he prepared himself for the new experiences that awaited him. But he certainly did not anticipate a chicken bone would force him to alter his lineup just three days into the job.

Atlanta shortstop Erick Aybar experienced a brief scare on Thursday afternoon, when he was transported to a Pittsburgh medical facility to have a chicken bone removed from his throat. But he fortunately returned a couple of hours later fully capable of discussing a story that simply adds to the many oddities the Braves have experienced this season.

Medical personnel sedated Aybar before attempting to remove the bone. But it was quickly realized that the bone had already dislodged itself.

"The poor guy had to be scared to death," said Snitker, who became the Braves' interim manager this week. "He looked OK when he left, but he wasn't speaking real well."

After arriving at PNC Park for Thursday night's finale against the Pirates, Aybar began coughing and feeling some discomfort in his throat. He informed the Braves' medical staff and was immediately transported to a nearby medical facility.

Snitker replaced Aybar in Thursday night's lineup with Daniel Castro.

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