Swollen eye latest misfortune for Geltz

Reliever suffers allergic reaction after allowing ill-timed homers in recent outings

Swollen eye latest misfortune for Geltz

TORONTO -- Steve Geltz has experienced a tough go lately, but Monday afternoon showed the after effects of another misfortune directed his way via an allergic reaction that forced shut his right eye.

Geltz, who has surrendered three game-winning home runs in his last four appearances, suffered the allergic reaction after the Rays arrived to Toronto Sunday night. Despite the ailment, he threw a perfect sixth inning in the Rays' 13-2 win over the Blue Jays on Monday night.

The Rays right-hander said he'd ordered room service and felt a stinging in his eye. He went to grab a tissue to tab at his eye and within a minute his eye had swollen shut.

"It's the third time it's happened this season," said Geltz, who noted that he planned on going in for some tests once the team returns to St. Petersburg. "...In 27 years I've never had allergies, but now I guess I do."

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Geltz managed an ironic smile about his fate lately.

"It's been a terrible month," he said.

Just as fast as he bemoaned the month he's had, he added, "It's just a test I feel like. ... I believe this is a test to see how I handle adversity."

In the aftermath of his week, Geltz said he has received many mean-spirited messages and seen horrible things fans have said about him. But he said he's been an underdog and overcome adversity his whole life. He expects to do so again, and he's appreciated how the coaches and his teammats have stood beside him through his recent troubles.

Geltz, who stands 5-foot-10, said that his recent performances have made him feel "this tall" -- he held a hand below one knee. "I've already got height issues, and it makes me feel shorter."

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