#PlayersChoiceCuts: Build your own team with GAMEVIL, Inc.

If baseball trading cards married digital gameplay, what would you get? MLB Perfect Inning '16 and a lifetime of happiness -- all in the palm of your hand.

GAMEVIL -- that's GAME VIL -- the creator of MLB Perfect Inning '16, combines traditional baseball trading cards with the look and feel of a console game built into a mobile app.

The app, available in the App Store and on Google Play, is a mix of simulation game play and team management. 

Users get to build the teams of their dreams by crafting rosters with all their favorite players -- past and present! Users can put their scouting skills to the test and pursue a championship in Season Mode, or simply play the 2016 season's daily matchups in MLB Today.

The app also features various events and tournaments that afford users opportunities to earn prizes, which are ultimately redeemed to enhance the strength of their players.

Users can take their skills global by playing with others from around the world in head-to-head style matchups, giving real meaning to the term world champions.

GAMEVIL is global, too, with headquarters in Los Angeles, California and Seoul, South Korea. Founded in 2000, GAMEVIL offers AAA gameplay and graphics. Performing their own artwork, GAMEVIL effortlessly takes all of your favorite Major Leaguers from the field straight into a mobile device.

Collecting your favorite players' trading cards in MLB Perfect Inning '16 and using them to win a championship is a winning combination for card lovers and gamers alike.

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