Miggy's hug among Thursday's top GIFs

Miggy's hug among Thursday's top GIFs

Here are the Top GIFs from Thursday's games, courtesy of @MLBgifs:

1. Miggy shows the love

Sometimes if you buy a ticket to a game, Miguel Cabrera will throw in a free hug -- even if you're a Cleveland fan.

Miguel Cabrera hug

2. Someone get the pruning shears

This deep drive hit by Kris Bryant disappeared, but not because it went over the fence. Such is life in a ballpark with ivy-covered walls.

Bryant hits a double into the ivy

3. He should play fewer day games

Is that black-clad, sharp-toothed man Brett Lawrie or Dracula?

Brett Lawrie looks like a vampire AB

4. Just a couple of BFF's

The Cubs' Javier Baez isn't exactly camera-shy.

Baez and Hendricks strike a pose

5. That's one sweet play

Maybe the Astros should give this cotton candy vendor a tryout?

Concession man catches ball

6. A baker's dozen

If you score 13 runs in a game, you're doing great. The Rockies did that in just the fifth inning against the Giants, and no, the game was not even at Coors Field.

Rockies score 13 runs in the 5th inning

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