#PlayersChoiceCuts: Fresh Brewed Tees

If you're looking for alternate candidates to support in a presidential campaign, then you've come to the right place.

Fresh Brewed Tees, an MLBPA licensee since 2014, is trending up again this season with its 2016 Presidential Election Campaign T-shirts featuring stars from every team who are "running for President."

The clever marketing effort has fans voting with the purchase of their favorite players' campaign T-shirts, and the players are genuinely enjoying the program, with some taking to social media to stump for support.

Mariners' stars Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez, Cy Young Award-winning pitcher Corey Kluber and the Dodgers' Justin Turner are among players from each team who are taking part in the marketing campaign and running for President. (Of what, we really don't know.)

"We've been privileged to assemble a great group of players with colorful personalities -- funny, witty, engaging and persuasive!" Fresh Brewed Tees CEO Tony Madalone said recently.

You can see the campaign shirts at the company's online store,www.freshbrewedtees.com.

A Cleveland-based company founded in 2009, Fresh Brewed Tees manufactures a full variety of men's and women's T-shirts, hoodie sweatshirts and tank tops.

The online company gained widespread attention during the fall with its Ugly MLBPA Sweatshirts campaign, which marketed "ugly sweater" design sweatshirts that featured popular baseball players with silly slogans, like "Merry Kipnis" for Jason Kipnis and "Frosty the Stroman" for Marcus Stroman.

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