#MLBPlayers411: Matt Kemp's bat, outfit make a statement

The swing Matt Kemp used to hit a three-run homer in the San Diego Padres' rout of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday isn't the only stylish thing about him.

Kemp, an Okie, is one of the game's most fashionable players, and he credits his grandmother for helping him develop that sense of style.

"She was a seamstress and made clothes for us," Kemp said. "I was a little stylish from a young age. That's where my passion for fashion probably started."

He attributes his family for most of his accomplishments. Kemp noted his mom as his hero and the reason he pursued baseball in the first place.

"It's the best decision she ever made for me," Kemp said about his mother suggesting he focus only on baseball and basketball before he ultimately quit football.

In 2009, Kemp bought his mom a house in his home state of Oklahoma before buying himself one.

Don't worry -- there is still time to get your mom a card for Mother's Day.


More about Kemp from the #MLBPlayers411:

  • Kemp took up boxing as a hobby. He does not fight anyone, but uses it as a fun workout to build shoulder strength.
  • His favorite athletes as a kid were Michael Jordan and Frank Thomas. He was often compared to Frank Thomas because of his size.
  • Originally drafted by the Dodgers, Kemp became the first Dodger to lead the league in homers, RBI and runs scored (115).
  • Kemp can be found on Twitter and Instagram under the username @TheRealMattKemp.