Collins won't be suspended for gesture to fans

Collins won't be suspended for gesture to fans

DETROIT -- Major League Baseball will not suspend Tyler Collins for his improper gesture toward fans at Comerica Park during Monday's 7-3 win over the A's, a league spokesperson confirmed to Tuesday evening.

The league reviewed the incident earlier Tuesday, a process it has undertaken with similar incidents in the past. The league does not issue comment on fines, so it's unclear whether Collins will have to pay that type of penalty.

Collins did not comment on any potential discipline when approached by reporters Tuesday afternoon, saying he wants to move on.

There is a precedent for suspension for player behavior toward fans, with or without physical contact. Reliever Jonathan Papelbon received a seven-game suspension from MLB while with the Phillies two years ago for making a lewd gesture to booing fans after blowing a save in Philadelphia and being ejected by umpire Joe West.

Major League Baseball also looked at Joe Nathan's gesture to booing fans at Comerica Park during an August 2014 game against Pittsburgh. Nathan apologized the day after the incident. No discipline was issued.

Collins gestured to fans after losing a sixth-inning fly ball in center field and hearing boos. He apologized in postgame remarks to reporters.

Collins regrets his actions

"Nobody wants that ball to get lost less than me. Nobody does. That hurts," Collins said. "And to be at home, and to hear boos after that play, hit a trigger inside of me, and I lashed out -- completely inappropriately. I'm absolutely embarrassed that it happened, and I'm sorry to everyone in Detroit.

"I want you guys to understand that I love this team, and I want to win, and so when we come home and get booed, it's tough to swallow. But like I said, I apologize completely. I'm embarrassed in myself. I know my family's embarrassed in me. I'm sure these guys are, too. I'm just sorry it happened."

Asked where he goes from here to try to move on from the incident, Collins said, "There's tomorrow. What are you going to do? People are going to feel the way they feel, so I've got to come to the yard ready to play tomorrow."

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