Bad spell tops Saturday's best GIFs

Bad spell tops Saturday's best GIFs

Here are the Top 6 GIFs from Saturday's games, courtesy of

1. This fan going through a bad spell

This fan traveled a long way to see Bruce Harper. Fortunately, he got to see Bryce Harper.

Fan's sign misspells Bryce Harper

2. That's why they call it the Hot Corner

David Freese shows off some dance moves in the Pirates dugout.

Pirates dancing 

3. Heavens! Cutch had been overdue

Andrew McCutchen seems relieved to have his first homer of the year.

Andrew McCutchen HR

4. Shake it off

Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer certainly have a cool handshake.

Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer hand shake 

5. You could almost hear a bat drop

Bryce Harper flips his bat after his fifth homer of the season. No word yet on Bruce Harper.

Bryce Harper watches homer 

6. A different kind of save in the bullpen

Manny Machado kept his teammates on their toes in the bullpen with this homer.

Manny Machado homer

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