Broxton aims to be more aggressive at plate

Brewers outfielder 0-for-14 to start season, including 10 K's

Broxton aims to be more aggressive at plate

PITTSBURGH -- Brewers center fielder Keon Broxton got a start Thursday against the Cardinals and struck out in all three at-bats, continuing a trend that is likely preventing him from earning more playing time. Broxton was 0-for-14 with 10 strikeouts heading into Friday's opener against the Pirates.

"I think I've been a little passive at the plate," Broxton said. "I think I've taken a lot of good pitches to hit, and that's really got me in a bad position. And then when I do take strike three, it's usually a ball that's off the plate, but it's a good pitcher's pitch, not something you really can hit. But it's a good pitcher's pitch, and I've been getting called out on that a lot.

"I'm getting good pitches to hit, but I'm fouling them off or taking them, so I just need to be a little more aggressive and trust myself."

Broxton's struggles at the plate have prevented him from showcasing his speed on the bases.

"I'm itching for all that to start working," Broxton stated. "I'm really itching for that stuff to get going, because once that gets going I think that's going to help the team even more. It's going to give the team a little more spirit, and I'll be in good positions for the team to drive me in."

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