Bochy approves of Rockies raising fence

Bochy approves of Rockies raising fence

DENVER -- The Giants and Rockies split their 10 games at Coors Field last season, with the Rockies leading the scoring 62-53. At Tuesday's start of the three-game set in Colorado, both teams have been showcasing their power, and the Giants' 14 homers are second only to the Rockies' 17.

"These guys are hitting a lot of home runs," manager Bruce Bochy said of the Rockies' lineup. "They got some guys swinging the bat. Hopefully you execute your pitches and limit the damage. You know you're going to give up more runs. It goes without saying. We had a hard time holding this club down last year."

This season, pitchers are expected to get a helping hand, as the Rockies raised the right-field fence in front of the home bullpen by an extra 8 feet, 9 inches, bringing it even with the right-field out-of-town scoreboard at 16 feet, 6 inches.

"I'm always for the pitchers," Bochy said. "This is a park that's known for all the home runs. I like it. I think it'll knock down a few of the cheap home runs that go right there in that right-center gap. They seem to get in that jet stream and just keep going. Now, if you hit it over that, you have a pretty good shot. I like it."

During the first three games played at Coors Field, no balls hit the newly elevated fence, though two sailed over it. Bochy was quick to note the new fence would have robbed one of his former starting pitchers from his only career home run, a shot to the bullpen last season.

"I know Ryan Vogelsong's glad they did it this year," Bochy said. "That's where he got his home run."

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