Price gets extra rest to keep rotation in line

Price gets extra rest to keep rotation in line

TORONTO -- The drawback of Red Sox ace David Price being switched to Monday's home opener is that he won't pitch this weekend against the heavy-hitting Blue Jays.

The lefty was pushed back one day -- as were the other four members of Boston's rotation -- when Thursday's game in Cleveland was postponed.

Under ordinary circumstances, manager John Farrell will keep Price on his fifth day as often as possible. But in this case, Farrell felt it was in the best interest of the rotation as a whole to keep everyone in line.

"There's no game more important than another," Farrell said. "It's not like we have three games remaining in the season. We've got a lot remaining. And each and every starter that goes to the mound for us is going to be important. If this were just about David Price, he'd be starting on his normal fifth day. But it is about our entire rotation and getting the most out of this group."

The original rotation had Price pitching on Saturday against the Blue Jays. Then it was switched to Sunday when Opening Day was pushed back by a day. And now, Price makes his second start for the Red Sox amid what will be an electric atmosphere at home against the Orioles.

Rick Porcello will make Saturday's start on six days' rest. Steven Wright will start on Sunday following eight days' rest. If Price had pitched Sunday, one of those pitchers would have had to wait until Tuesday to pitch again.

"Yeah, our rotation gets backed up, but we've got to include all and we're going to need a fifth starter no later than Tuesday of this coming week," Farrell said. "To get everybody back to the mound, a turn through the rotation will be good from just an overall schedule and rhythm standpoint."

Price had no problem with the switch.

"I'm fine with it," Price said. "I've been on five days ever since Spring Training started, so that's always tough, whenever you're ramping up in the early days of Spring Training, to stay on five days every single time. This will be the first time I had a day off, or that sixth day. It's OK."

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