Which Royals are true Beliebers?

Which Royals are true Beliebers?

KANSAS CITY -- What did several Royals do on an off-night Wednesday?

They attended a Justin Bieber concert at Sprint Center. Seriously.

Kansas City's power couple, first baseman Eric Hosmer and Sporting KC sideline reporter Kacie McDonnell, were even in attendance. And Hosmer got mobbed like a pop star himself afterward.

"We sent Hoz out first from the concert, and then we kind of followed behind him," left fielder Alex Gordon said. "He took all the heat. He took one for the team."

Wait a minute. What in the world was the 32-year-old Gordon doing at a Bieber concert?

"Just a nice date with the wife," Gordon said. "It was good. We had a good time.

"We all went together -- Hoz, Moose [Mike Moustakas], Wade [Davis], other guys -- just a group outing with teammates and wives and girlfriends. Went to dinner, went to the concert."

What does Gordon think of Bieber's music?

"Not a huge fan," Gordon said, "but it was a team get-together and all the wives wanted to go, so I sucked it up."

Can Gordon name a Bieber song?

"I know some," Gordon said. "Jeremy Guthrie was on our team last year, so he played some of them [in the clubhouse]."

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