Jimmie Lee Solomon interview

Jimmie Lee Solomon interview

Was this exclusively weather related, the decision, and will Game 1 tickets be good for tomorrow or Friday?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: It was weather related. The Game 1 tickets for tonight will be used for Friday.

I think the inference in the question was whether the events with Cory Lidle today would have had some impact on your decision to play tonight's game. Was there any talk of that at all?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: No, there wasn't.

Is there a time for Friday's game?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: To be determined.

Why not play tomorrow and how does that affect the schedule for the rest of the series?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: We will play a game tomorrow, yes, we will. Tomorrow is Game 2.

Any sort of statement on the death of Lidle?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: The Commissioner sent out a statement already. A press release has been issued already.

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Was Cory Lidle's death at all a factor, I don't know if you've been asked this before, but at all a factor in the decision making process?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: No, sir, it wasn't. Thank you very much.

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