Holt on mark with HR, heads-up baserunning

Holt on mark with HR, heads-up baserunning

CLEVELAND -- It wasn't quite Eric Hosmer in the ninth inning in Game 5 of last year's World Series. But Brock Holt's heady baserunning in the sixth gave the Red Sox the lead on Wednesday, though they eventually dropped a 7-6 decision to the Indians.

With Holt on third base, Mookie Betts hit a grounder to third. Juan Uribe fielded it just a few feet away from Holt. As Holt took a few steps off the base, Uribe -- perhaps worried about the speed of Betts -- fired to first. The problem is that he forgot to look at Holt, who raced home and easily beat the throw by Mike Napoli.

"I knew it was a slow-hit ball and Mookie has got some speed obviously," Holt said. "I didn't want to go right away because I didn't think he could turn two on it. I just read him. When I saw he was going home, I just took off from there. It worked out."

Betts' RBI groundout

The play was big at the time, capping a four-run rally in which the Red Sox overturned a 5-2 deficit.

"I shuffled off a couple steps, then stopped and went back, not knowing if he was going to look at me," Holt said.

It was a misread by Uribe, and Holt, an underrated baserunner, capitalized.

"It looked like he kind of realized that he needed to look somebody back, but he actually looked the other way," Indians manager Terry Francona said. "Yeah, that was a big play."

Holt also clubbed a two-run homer to right in the second, putting him just one shy of his total from last season. It was Holt's seventh career homer.

"It was nice," Holt said. "Get one out of the way early. I knew the wind was blowing out that way, so as soon as I hit it I knew it had a chance. Good to get us on the board there too."

Though Holt is now the primary left fielder against right-handed pitching, he will also continue to help the team with his ability to play every position but pitcher and catcher. In Wednesday's game, he started at left, moved to third base, and then returned to left.

Holt made an error at third on a tough short-hop play.

"We made a joke about it," Holt said. "I made the error and then they kicked me back out to the outfield. That's a tough first play to have there. Just something I'll be ready for. Like I said, I just try to be ready to go wherever and whenever I'm needed."

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