Statcast covers all angles of Cain's dash to wall

Statcast covers all angles of Cain's dash to wall

Lorenzo Cain ran really fast -- and really far -- to make a spectacular catch in Tuesday's 2-0 loss to the Mets at Kauffman Stadium.

Statcast™ helps add context to the highlight-reel grab, which robbed New York's Michael Conforto of an extra-base hit off Chris Young in the top of the second inning. With one out and the bases empty, Conforto jumped on a high fastball and pummelled it toward the right-center-field gap with an exit velocity of 106.1 mph and a launch angle of 24 degrees.

Cain's great running grab

The ball hung in the air for 4.5 seconds as it traveled 386 feet, but the fleet-footed Kansas City center fielder took off after it with a first-step time of 0.3 seconds. Cain covered a distance of 93 feet, reaching a top speed of 21.6 mph, as he closed on the ball and hauled it in just before running into the wall.

Not only did Cain produce an impressive route efficiency of 96.4 percent, but his combination of at least 90 feet covered and a speed of at least 21 mph occurred only 25 times last season. Of course, Cain himself accounted for three of those instances, tied with Detroit center fielder Anthony Gose for first in the Majors.

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