Upton discusses fan's racist remarks

Upton discusses fan's racist remarks

Upton discusses fan's racist remarks
PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Prior to Monday's game against the Yankees, B.J. Upton addressed Sunday's incident involving a fan directing racist comments his way.

"Yeah, it was pretty clear what he said," Upton said of the fan, who was ejected from Charlotte Sports Park. "I heard what he said, but I was more worried about my at-bat at the time."

Rays manager Joe Maddon, who said there is no place for such remarks, called for security to remove the fan from the ballpark.

"When I got to the dugout, I pretty much saw the whole coaching staff and a couple of players saying something to him," Upton said. "That's pretty comforting, knowing the coaches, the manager and my teammates have my back."

Upton said that fans are entitled to say whatever they want.

"But some of them definitely take it to the next level," Upton said. "I think they fail to understand we're people like everybody else. I know a lot of us wouldn't go to other people's jobs and say some of the things they say. But they pay their money for the ticket."

Sadly, Upton is familiar with racial remarks.

"Yeah, it's not the first time," Upton said. "A lot of the times, it happens when I'm in the outfield of a visiting stadium. Even I've heard it at home, too. I think it was just a situation where everyone heard it [on Sunday]. Put it this way -- it's not too far-fetched to hear it."

According to Rays policy, offensive language is one action from which the club reserves the right to deny entry, eject and trespass any individual from the stadium and stadium property.

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