Yankees and Legends Hospitality announce new dining options introduced

Merchandise locations and 2016 Mastercard specials detailed

The New York Yankees announced today that they will offer guests numerous new creative and delectable food offerings  many of which are shareable  as part of the club's efforts to continually improve the fan experience at Yankee Stadium. Fans are encouraged to visit www.yankees.com for more information on what Yankee Stadium has to offer.
NEW FOOD IN 2016: Barnyard Wedding, Brisket and Bacon Grilled Cheese, Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas, Classy Pig, Double-Double, Four-Cheese Grilled Cheese, French Onion Grilled Cheese, G.O.A.T. Burger, Jim Beam Chicken Sandwich, Tape Measure Cheesesteak, Thai Chicken Fingers
CONCESSIONS FAVORITES: Bacon on a Stick, Chicken & Waffles, Chicken Sliders & Fries Bucket, Lobel's Steak Sandwich, Red Stag Glazed BBQ Wings
MERCHANDISE: Golf Apparel, Golf Equipment, Marvel Comics Merchandise, Star Wars Merchandise
·   Tape Measure Cheesesteak - RFS"Tape Measure Cheesesteak" is a two-foot cheesesteak topped with your choice of white American cheese or Cheez Whiz and served on a classic hoagie roll baked fresh daily. It's the perfect sandwich to share. Peppers and/or onions are available upon request. (Carl's Steaks at Sect. 107)
·   The following burgers are at the "Triple Play" Stand in Sect. 115:
Ø  "G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) Burger" features custom blended-beef, topped with crispy bacon, pastrami, American cheese and "G.O.A.T." sauce.
Ø  "Barnyard Wedding" features custom-blend beef, crispy fried chicken cutlet, shredded potato hash browns, BBQ sauce and aged cheddar cheese on a toasted bun.
Ø  "Double-Double" is a Double Grilled Cheese - Double Burger Melt, featuring two custom-blend beef burgers, onion rings, American cheese and buns made from a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches featuring Boar's Head cheese. Finishing this off is a two-person job.
Greatest of All Time Burger - RFSBarnyard Wedding - RFSDouble-Double - RFS
·    "Classy Pig" is a shaved roasted pork sandwich, featuring Italian-Style marinated pork, stuffed with broccoli rabe and topped with cherry pepper mayo and provolone cheese (N.Y. Grill Stand at Sect. 121).
·   French Onion Grilled Cheese - RFS"The Big Cheese" Grilled Cheese Stand features a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches made with premium, artisan and local cheeses from Boar's Head. Options include "Brisket and Bacon," "French Onion" (pictured here) & the "Classic Four-Cheese" (Sects. 107, 227).
·   Signature Chicken Fingers: Classic Stadium chicken fingers are tossed in your choice of three unique sauces created by Legends chefs to bring out the best in a family favorite. New flavors include maple bourbon bacon, Thai chili, and spicy buffalo (sold throughout the Stadium).
·   Jumbo Souvenir Ice Cream Sundae Helmet: Served in a souvenir Yankees helmet, it's the perfect dessert to share. Large scoops of creamy, premium Turkey Hill ice cream are topped with hot fudge, fresh whipped cream and more. Fans may choose from multiple flavors of ice cream (Turkey Hill Ice Cream Stand at Sect. 125).
·   Souvenir Classic French Fries Helmet Cup: A souvenir helmet is filled with the Stadium's classic fries, which are made from farm-fresh potatoes and cooked to the perfect crispness and texture (Available at all locations that French fries are sold).
·   Cheesesteak and Chicken-Cheesesteak Bowls: A pile of cheesesteak meat infused with white American or Cheez Whiz, covered with lettuce and tomato. Onions and/or hot or sweet peppers are available upon request (Carl's Steaks at Sect. 107).
·   Jim Beam Chicken Sandwich:  Crispy chicken cutlet, Swiss cheese, pickles and honey mustard with a Jim Beam-flavored BBQ sauce (Jim Beam Suite Lounge).
·   Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas: (Tacos and Empanadas Cart at Sect. 321).
·   New Craft Beer Offerings
Ø  10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA, Bronx Brewery, Catskill Brewery, Checker Cab Blonde Ale (Craft Beer Stand at Sect. 110 and at the Premio Sausage Stands in Sect. 217 and 320), Blue Point Toasted Lager (Craft Beer Stand at Sect. 110).
·   Lobel's of New York, featuring gourmet steak sandwiches (Sects. 134, 321)
·   Chicken and Waffles Cart (Great Hall at Gate 6)
·   Bacon on a Stick (NY Grill at Sects. 121, 223, 319)
·   Tacos and Empanadas Cart (Sect. 321)
·   Nacho Helmet at Tostitos "Build Your Own Nachos" Stands: Fans may pick their toppings for a regular-sized order of nachos or have an official plastic replica adult-sized Yankees helmet filled with nacho chips and toppings. (Tostitos portable stands on the 200 and 300 Levels and in the Bleachers)
·   Souvenir Bottomless Popcorn Bucket provides fans all the popcorn they care to eat for $12 in a souvenir bucket. (Sold in various locations throughout the Stadium)
·   Fresh-Cut Fries and Fresh-Cut Sweet Potato Fries features a platter full of fried potatoes, cut-and-fried as you order. (Sect. 125)
·   MasterCard Family Meal Deal (Sliders & Fries Bucket): For just $20, receive a value bucket of beef sliders, chicken sliders, wings or chicken tenders over a pile of crispy French fries. As a bonus for using a Mastercard, fans can receive a free 1-liter Pepsi product. (Sold at various stands throughout the Stadium)
·   Specialty Drinks Menu at the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar: Drinks include a classic Pina Colada, Tropical Tea and "The Spicy Apple." (Located between the 100 & 200 Levels near the home plate team store)
·   sweetfrog Frozen Yogurt Stand: Delicious frozen yogurt all season long (Sect. 224)
·   The Pepsi Food Court is where fans can find the latest and greatest specialty cocktails, frozen drinks, craft beer, premium drafts and Stadium-made cask-aged cocktails (ex: Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Negroni and others). - (Located at Sect. 126)
·   "The Big Cheese" Grilled Cheese Stand features a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches made with premium, artisan and local cheeses (including Boar's Head). Styles include "Brisket and Bacon," "French Onion" and the "Classic Four-Cheese" (Located at Sects. 107 & 227).
·   Hale and Hearty Soups will offer a rotating menu of soups throughout the season, including a classic chicken noodle, chili mac & cheese, "broken" lasagna, tomato cheddar (gluten-free), sweet-corn chowder (gluten-free), three-lentil chili (vegetarian and gluten- free), and a variety of cold summer soups (Located in the Pepsi Food Court at Sect. 126).
·   Linda's Brooklyn-Style Egg Creams makes them just like they did in the old days (Sect. 202 in the Bleachers).
·   Weigh Station is a market-style concept that allows fans to customize their food experience. Selections will vary from game to game, and fans will be able to enjoy a diverse international selection of food, including items such as Southern-style BBQ ribs, Buffalo chicken wings, bubbling mac and cheese, Chinese lo mein or veggie fried rice. (Located in Sect. 223).
·   Yankees Steakhouse, located at Gate 6, offers an upscale dining experience, including USDA prime steaks, fresh seafood and an impressive collection of premium wines. Reservations are strongly suggested. Please call (646) 977-8325.
·   Mohegan Sun Sports Bar is located behind the glass of the center field batter's eye. Sandwiches and drinks are available in an indoor setting that provides one of the most unique vantage points in sports (Requires Mohegan Sun ticket or club membership).
·   Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar, located between the 100 and 200 Levels adjacent to the escalators by the Home Plate Team Store, features couches and lounge seating with a view of the site of the original Yankee Stadium. The extensive drinks menu includes cocktails such as a classic Pina Colada, Tropical Tea and "The Spicy Apple," featuring Jim Beam Kentucky Fire.
·   Sunrun Rooftop Deck, located adjacent to Section 310, features a view of the Manhattan skyline and offers a fun setting for individuals or groups to socialize and eat before the game. Sunrun Rooftop Deck tickets include all-you-care-to-eat baseball fare and non-alcoholic drinks for 90 minutes, ending 30 minutes prior to the scheduled first pitch. Beginning 30 minutes prior to first pitch, all fans may purchase a la carte items at this location.
·   Field MVP Club Lounge, located on the 100 Level by Gate 4, has a 45-foot bar and a gourmet pub menu (Requires a full-season ticket license in Sections 115 through 125 in Rows 1-10 or a Field MVP Outdoor Suite Box ticket).
·   Mike and Ike Picnic Area is a popular area for group events and is located at Gate 2.
·   Legends Suite Club offers the Stadium's premier dining experience. Located at Gate 4, this space can be accessed only by Legends Suite ticket holders.
·   Delta SKY360° Suite is located at Sections 218A through 222. This expansive lounge is climate-controlled with gourmet food, an outdoor patio and breathtaking views of the field (Requires a Delta SKY360° Suite ticket).
·   Jim Beam Suite Lounge is located on the 300 Level behind home plate and features delicious pub food in an indoor setting. Fans can enjoy offerings such as Red Stag Glazed BBQ Wings or made-to-order, 3-minute pizzas (Requires Jim Beam Suite ticket). Additionally, Jim Beam Suite ticketholders may enjoy their food and drink on the Sony Terrace, located directly outside the Jim Beam Suite Lounge.
·   Audi Yankees Club, located on the SAP Suite Level in left field, features a cocktail bar, dining lounge and a sweeping view of the field (Requires Audi Club ticket or club membership).
·   Ketel One Lounge and Third-Base Champions Lounge are located at Section 11 and Section 27, respectively. They offer unlimited gourmet grab-and-go baseball fare for Champions Suite ticket holders only.
·   Hard Rock Cafe is located at Gate 6 and open to fans year-round. Reservations can be made at (646) 977-8888.
·   Field MVP Outdoor Suite Boxes were introduced in 2015 as new concept in professional baseball seating. The 14 open-air suite boxes are located on the Field Level concourse and can accommodate between six and eight guests per suite. Catered food and staff service are provided in these suites, which are available on a full-season basis.
*(Please note that with the exception of the Hard Rock Cafe, entry to all dining locations requires a valid ticket for that day's game.)
Pepsi Food Court at Sect. 126
Ø  Options include Papa John's pizza, Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Nathan's Famous, Sushi and Asian Noodles, Hale and Hearty Soups and a new Cocktail/Soda Bar.
Gluten Free items are available at the Gluten-Free NY Grill in the Great Hall adjacent to Gate 6.
Kosher Stands are located at Sects. 110, 214A, 229, 321 (Sunday through Friday afternoon only).
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are located at Melissa's Farmers Market at Sect. 121B
o Bazzini Nuts (Great Hall at Gate 6 and throughout the Stadium)
o Big Cheese Grilled Cheese sandwiches, featuring premium cheeses from Boar's Head (Sects. 107, 227)
o Boar's Head Sandwiches (Sects. 113, 223)
o Brother Jimmy's BBQ (Sects. 133, 201, 214, 320A)
o Carl's Steaks, featuring cheesesteaks (Sects. 107, 223, 311)
o Cocktails (Sects. 110, 126, 206, 323)
o Dippin' Dots (Sects. 125, 228, 323 and center field Bleachers)
o Farmers Market presented by Melissa's (Sect. 121B)
o Fresh-Cut Fries (Sect. 127)
o Garlic Fries (Sects. 108, 206, 331)
o Hale and Hearty Soups (Pepsi Food Court at Sect. 126)
o Hebrew National hot dogs (Great Hall at Gate 6 and Sects. 107, 129, 202, 214B, 236, 312, 329)
o Highlanders Baseball Fare, including hot dogs, pretzels and Pepsi products (Sects. 111, 233A, 305, 311, 318, 325 and Bleachers)
o Johnny Rockets (Sects. 132, 212, 326 and Bleachers)
o Kosher Options (Great Hall and Sects. 214, 229, 322 - Sunday through Friday afternoon only)
o Lemonade, fresh-squeezed (Sects. 117B, 124, 215, 227A, 317, 324 and center field Bleachers)
o Linda's Brooklyn-Style Egg Creams (Sect. 202 in the Bleachers)
o Lobel's of New York gourmet steak sandwiches (Sects. 134, 321)
o NY Grill, featuring Nathan's Hot Dogs and Premio Sausages (Sects. 121B, 211, 223, 230, 308, 318)
o NY Grill Gluten Free, featuring items above plus Udi's Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns (Great Hall at Gate 6)
o NYY Steak Express, feat. USDA prime steak sandwiches (Sect. 109)
o Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs (Sects. 127A, 225, 313)
o Noodle Bowl, featuring Asian noodle dishes (Sect. 127B)
o Papa John's pizza (Sects. 125, 212, 309 and Bleachers)
o Parm, featuring hot Italian sandwiches (Sect. 104)
o Premio Sausage (Sects. 217, 320A)
o Popcorn (Great Hall & Sects. 107, 130, 202, 210, 229, 307, 327)
o Pretzels by New York Pretzel (Located throughout the Stadium)
o Sushi (Sect. 127A)
o sweetfrog frozen yogurt (Sect. 224)
o Tostitos, featuring "Build Your Own Nachos" (Sects. 233A, 314, 327 and Bleachers)
o Triple Play Grill, feat. sliders and fries (Sects. 116, 205, 321, 334)
o Turkey Hill Ice Cream (Sects. 112, 126, 207, 232, 313, 319, 324 and Bleachers)
o Wings, featuring chicken wings (Sect. 109)
v  Beer Stands - Domestic (Sects. 106, 117A, 130, 205, 215, 216, 224, 229, 232B, 234, 307, 318, 323, 330, 332B)
v  Beers of the World (Sects. 110, 206, 226, 233A, 238, 315, 331)
v  Budweiser Beer Stands (Sects. 105, 117B, 121B, 202, 204, 235, 239, 308, 315, 328, 332A)
v  Craft Beer Stand  (Sects. 110, 217, 320)
v  Goose Island Beer Stand (Sects. 105, 134, and in the Bleachers at Sect. 239)
v  Mohegan Sun Sports Bar (Located behind the glass of the center field batter's eye. Beers and mixed drinks are available.)
v  Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar (Located in between the 100 and 200 Levels off the escalators by the home plate team store.)
Draft beers: 10 Barrel Apocalypse, Blue Moon, Blue Moon Seasonal, Blue Moon White IPA, Blue Point Toasted Lager, Bronx Spring Pale Ale, Budweiser, Bud Light, Catskill Brewery, Checker Cab Blonde Ale, Coors Light, Corona Light, Goose Island, Goose Island 312, Goose Island Honkers Ale, Guinness, Heineken, Heineken Light, Kirin Ichiban, Kona Long Board, Leinenkugel, Miller Lite, Modelo, Newcastle, Shock Top, Stella Artois, Stella Artois Cidre, Strong Bow and Yuengling.
Glass-bottled beers: Amstel Light, Blue Moon, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Platinum, Coors Light, Corona, Corona Light, Dos Equis, Guinness Blonde, Heineken, Heineken Light, Magic Hat #9, O'Doul's, Presidente, Red Bridge, Stella Artois and Yuengling.
Craft-Bottled Beers: Blue Point Blueberry, Blue Point Mosaic, Blue Point Spring Fling, Blue Point Toasted Lager, Goose Island 312, Goose Island Honkers Ale, Goose Island IPA, Kona Big Wave, Kona Long Board, Southern Tier IPA, Southern Tier Porter, Southern Tier Tangiers.
Can beers: Beck's, Bronx Pale Ale, Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Lime-A-Rita, Bud Mango-Rita, Coors Light, Goose Island, Heineken, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite and Stella Artois.
v  Yankee Stadium Home Plate Team Store: Located on the Field Level behind home plate, this store is the largest apparel and merchandise location in the Stadium.
v  Monument Park Store: Features merchandise celebrating Yankees history (Sect. 103)
v  New Era Women's Store: Home to a large array of women's accessories and clothing, featuring PINK (Sect. 114A)
v  Yankees-Steiner Collectibles: The home of authentic Yankees autographed collectibles and memorabilia (Sect. 114B)
v  Yankees Team Store at Gate 6: Open year-round (Gate 6)
v  New Era Team Store: Features New Era merchandise (200 Level behind home plate)
v  Yankees Team Store - Bleachers: Home to various items, including Majestic apparel (Sect. 201)
v  Yankees 300 Level Stores: Yankees souvenirs (Sects. 308 and 330)
The Golf Cart (in the Great Hall)
Ø  This kiosk will sell Yankees branded headwear, golf apparel, outerwear, and accessories, including head covers, markers, tees and golf balls.
New York Yankees Fan Spirit Product Bundles and Kits
In 2016, Legends at Yankee Stadium will offer items that are carefully packaged together for value and convenience. Packages include: 
Ø  Name & Number Bundle: Features fan gear items with the name and number of a favorite player
Ø  Family Value Bundle: Includes Yankee spirit items for all ages
Ø  Winter Kit: Contains gloves, blanket and a knit cap
Ø  Summer Kit: Features a visor, sun-block and a portable breeze kit
Ø  Comfort Kit: Includes a seat cushion and blanket for fans of all ages
The Comic Cart (in the Great Hall)
Ø  Features Star Wars and Marvel branded products, including headwear, apparel and novelty items.
Star Wars Merchandise - RFS
Marvel Merchandise - RFS
MASTERCARD BENEFITS IN YANKEE STADIUM IN 2016 (benefits below are available only when using your MasterCard):
·   Chicken Sliders and Fries Bucket - RFSMasterCard Deal of the Game: Daily discounts on select concessions and/or merchandise will be announced prior to and during each home game on the center field video board.
·   MasterCard Family Meal Deal (Sliders & Fries Bucket): For just $20, receive a value bucket of beef sliders, chicken sliders, wings or chicken tenders over a pile of crispy French fries. As a bonus for using your MasterCard, receive a free 1-liter Pepsi product. (Various stands throughout the Stadium)
·   MasterCard Meal Combo: Save money by purchasing a Combo Meal instead of a la carte items at select concessions stands throughout the Stadium.
·   MasterCard Preferred Pricing: Save up to $15 off each ticket when purchasing select 2016 regular season individual game tickets.
·   MasterCard Mondays: Every Monday during the 2016 regular season, all yankees.com subscribers will receive a newsletter with ticket discounts compliments of MasterCard.
·   MasterCard $5 Games: Select 2016 regular season individual game tickets in eligible areas of the Terrace, Grandstand and Bleachers will be available for $5 per ticket, subject to availability. (At present, dates include: April 6 vs. Houston, April 20 vs. Oakland, May 10 vs. Kansas City and Sept. 5 vs. Toronto.)
·   MasterCard Half-Price Games: Select 2016 regular season individual game tickets in eligible areas of the Terrace, Grandstand and Bleachers will be available for 50 percent off their game-day price, subject to availability. (At present, dates include: May 26 vs. Toronto, June 22 vs. Colorado, June 30 vs. Texas, July 21 vs. Baltimore and Aug. 17 vs. Toronto.)
·   MasterCard TBD Games: For select games with a start time of TBD during the 2016 season, fans can purchase tickets in select areas at up to 25 percent savings. Tickets for MasterCard TBD Games must be purchased in advance of the official game time announcement for the game. (At present, dates include: Aug. 28 vs. Baltimore, Sept. 10 vs. Tampa Bay, Oct. 1 vs. Baltimore and Oct. 2 vs. Baltimore.)
For a complete list of ticket specials, including game dates, seating locations, and terms and conditions, fans should visitwww.yankees.com/ticketspecialsPlease note that all ticket specials are subject to availability.