Ken Macha pregame interview

Ken Macha pregame interview

Q. Just asked Ken if there would be any lineup changes today.

KEN MACHA: Same lineup.

Q. Ken, with the rookie Bonser on the hill, is it important to get to him early and not let him get into a groove in his first post season experience?

KEN MACHA: Probably, generally speaking, I think what Barry said here yesterday after the game, get the first blood and get the lead important is all the time. We haven't had a lot of haven't seen this guy a whole lot, so we are kind of going into unchartered waters a little bit, so we always like to get the lead.

Q. Ken, this used to be known as a tough place to play, and yet the Twins have lost, I think, six (corrected) straight post season games here. Does the crowd noise still affect the visiting team?

KEN MACHA: I have to say yes. To me, that's a shocking statistic. We have got some guys who have played out here, and really, if you look around our team, we have got some a lot of veteran guys. So Chavez has been here, and Ellis has been here in a playoff situation. Kendall has played how many years in the big leagues, Kotsay, Payton. We have got some veteran guys out there, and you have Barry go out and do what he did. And yet we put Street out there in the end of the game, and he has a little misfortune with the first hitter, and still comes back and gets three outs for us. It's definite home field advantage when you have a crowd like that.

Q. How big was that for you guys? Huston struggled a little bit in the last week of the season, and even a little bit more before that, but to see him come out and have a clean type of outing with the exception of Milton's misadventure?

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KEN MACHA: What was asked of me after the game was, did you think about keeping Barry in there? And it winds up putting me in a tough situation as a manager. It was like the last game we played here during the regular season, it's 1 nothing, what do you do, do you leave Haren in or put Street in there? Really, if we are going to go anywhere in the post season, we've got to have our closer and know that the manager has confidence in that closer. So, to me, it should be a confidence boost for him. He should feel good about himself, knowing that he is going to be put in this position to close the game out, so it was big to get positive results from him yesterday.

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