You have questions, Mookie has answers

Red Sox outfielder fields 9 topics from fans

You have questions, Mookie has answers

As he gets ready for his third Major League season, Red Sox right fielder, leadoff man and R.B.I. Baseball 16 cover star Mookie Betts recently took some time to answer questions from fans.

The topics ranged from bowling to basketball to his allegiance to Tennessee to baseball.

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How old were you when you started bowling? How far did you compete as a kid?
-- @speakercode

I think I started bowling when I was 3. I think I bowled my first tournament when I was about 7. I went all the way through high school and haven't stopped since.

Betts bowls in tournament

Are there any similarities between competitive bowling and baseball?
-- @BrandonButler1

Just mechanics-wise, you have to focus. Four or five seconds of focus is the main thing.

Who would win a one-on-one basketball game between you and Dustin Pedroia?
-- @KrjKirk

I would beat Pedroia in basketball, yeah. He's not a basketball guy. I was all right. I started when I was 5 and played through high school. He'll definitely talk a good game, but he wouldn't be able to back it up.

Mookie, have you applied for reinstatement to get your golf-cart license back?
-- @brimecombe25

No, I just ride now. I don't think I'll be driving any more. I'll never live that down.

Betts on golf cart incident

How difficult was it for you to switch to outfield? Would you go back to the infield if given a choice?
-- @ribeachguru

I had played the outfield before. It wasn't completely foreign. But it was definitely tough. The Red Sox made as smooth an adjustment for me as it could be. If the team needed me to go back to the infield someday, I'd go back. I've been an infielder my whole life. It's hard to say whether I like the infield or the outfield better. I loved being in the infield, but the outfield is something I do every day now. I love both.

What part of your game do you think needs the most improvement?
-- @keep2mys3lf

I'd probably say hitting. I can still improve a whole lot more getting my hitting to be more consistent.

R.B.I. Baseball 16 cover reveal

Any advice for Yoan Moncada?
-- @RedSox_Taiwan

Just to play and don't worry about the rest of it. That's all just outside stuff. Know what you can do and play the same game that got you here.

You ready to see the Volunteers in the SEC Championship in Atlanta this December?
-- @EbenezerMudget

Of course. I'm a Tennessee fan, because I was signed to go there. Absolutely. Any time Tennessee is on, I'm watching.

Were you pumped to have another Nashville native join the team in David Price?
-- @SoxFanForsyth

Yeah, it's always good to see people come from where you're from, especially having it be a guy like Price.

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